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'Survivor Cagayan' recap, 'Havoc to Wreak'

It was another Tribal Council blindside last week, and Kass isn’t too happy to be on the other side of it. Sucks, doesn’t it Kass? Trish gets it; Jefra threatened Tony, so he got rid of her. Kass doesn’t like that she was left out, and flat out tells Tony that he’s a jerk. Not a good move. Spencer is loving it.

See, Kass is offended that Tony would side with Spencer and Tasha, since they’ve been openly trying to get rid of him, but as Tony points out, they haven’t made him any promises, either. Which is exactly what Kass did when she flipped. So zip it, Kass.

Spencer is starting to like Tony, and appreciates the game he’s playing, but also realizes that Tony is probably lying to everyone about everything, which he totally is. 

The next morning, Kass is still complaining about Tony, and can’t believe that he’s talking about her (she also completely misconstrues what he said). Umm, you were incredibly rude to him last night, why wouldn’t he talk about you? So, of course, Kass immediately confronts Tony about it. Why was this woman on the Brain tribe? Spencer is happy because with Kass mad at Tony, she’s forgotten about Spencer.

Kass is just now figuring out that Tony will do anything to anyone to stay in the game. And now she doesn’t want to be a member of the cult, she wants to take out the cult leader. 

If this whole episode is about Kass and Tony, I’m going to lose my mind. How about Woo? How about Tasha? I like them. I can’t stand either Kass or Tony, so this episode is my own personal hell.

So of course, there’s more of Kass and Tony arguing. Neither of them back down, ever, in an argument, so it just goes on and on. She thinks he’s an idiot, and he thinks she’s crazy.  

And now we have Tony talking about Kass. Trish tries to get him to stop, but then Kass and Tony are arguing some more. He flat out tells her that if she writes his name down, she’s going home. Which would be true, except he can’t help himself, and he tells everyone about the special Idol. Of course, he’s known for big talk, so they don’t actually believe him.

Tony is so frustrating because on one hand, he plays a good game, but on the other hand, he just can’t keep his mouth shut. That special Idol’s greatest power is in the surprise. If people know about it and what it can do, then they can plan for it, force Tony to use it, and then he’s gone the next week.

Reward Challenge time! Teams are split up and will be knocking down a puzzle wall and then building it back together. Winning team gets to be “Survivor Ambassadors” at a local elementary school, where they’ll be serving (and eating) American-style hamburgers and hotdogs. Teams are Spencer, Kass, and Woo against Tasha, Tony, and Trish.

As they start, I realize that the teams are destroying each other’s walls. That means if you manage to destroy the other team’s puzzle fast, then you get the advantage because your wall is only partially destroyed. As is happens, both teams are pretty even when it’s time to rebuild the puzzle. 

And Tasha is a boss at building the puzzle, and Spencer and Kass are working together to catch up. But then Tasha gets hung up on one block, and Spencer and Kass manage to catch up, and then surpass Tasha to take the win.

Spencer, Kass, and Woo arrive at the school with a plethora of cute little kids. They hand out book bags to all the kids, as well as a bunch of other school supplies. Woo wows them with his awesome basketball handling skills and martial arts demonstration, and it is adorable. This guy needs his own show. According to Kass, this is the most she’s seen Woo speak.

But enough of the good feelings and cute little kids, it’s time to talk strategy. Kass wants herself, Spencer, Tasha and Woo to split the votes between Trish and Tony to flush out Tony’s Idol (see? this is why you don’t talk about the Idol). Woo looks super uncomfortable with this plan but he agrees (somewhat lackadaisically) that it’s time to make a move. His attitude makes Spencer uncomfortable, but I think it also just might be the way that Woo is.

Wait though, if two people vote for Tony, and two people vote for Trish, and then Tony and Trish vote for one person, doesn’t that make a three-way tie? Oh but on the second vote, the people who are involved in the tie don’t vote, meaning Trish and Tony couldn’t vote the second time.

Tony asks about strategy talk, and Woo tells him that Kass mentioned taking out Tasha. Wow, Woo just lied. I think that’s the first time in this game. But he’s not very good, because he also says that Spencer agreed with getting rid of Tasha, and Tony knows that he wouldn’t do that. I love Woo, but he’s not the best liar. 

Immunity Challenge time! This week, they have to run out to six different piles of ‘stuff’ (buoys, lobster traps, lobsters, stuff like that) and use those numbers to unlock a combination lock. First person to get it right, wins Immunity. If I was a good runner, I would only do one or two numbers at a time, and make sure that they were right the first time. It is a bit of a run from the locks to the items.

Kass tries to do it all at once, but she’s wrong. Tony, Spencer, and Tasha try after their second run, but they’re all wrong. So are Woo and Trish. There’s a whole lot of counting, and a whole lot of wrong. And after over half an hour, and everyone looking absolutely exhausted, Spencer wins Immunity.

So now I’m really worried that somehow, Woo will be going home. Tasha is feeling a little worried, since this is the first time in three weeks she’s vulnerable. Tony is getting suspicious because Tasha hasn’t come to him to try and save herself. 

Wait does Tony still have to Idols? I thought he played the regular one he had? Or wait, did he find another one? He did, last week.

Kass is now questioning whether she should keep Tony, because no one wants to vote for the jerk at the end. Umm, people have voted for jerks a whole lot, crazy lady.

Tribal Council time! One thing I can say about this season, the Tribal Councils have not been predictable. Tasha immediately calls Tony out as a threat, and that she ‘hopes’ people will see that. Tony tries to make her out as a bigger threat, but everyone knows that he’s been calling the shots. He then tries to say that he’s ‘loyal’ and ‘trustworthy’, which, no. Good player? Yes. Trustworthy? Absolutely not. 

Jeff tries to get Woo to admit that there’s a plan, and Woo says that there is, but makes no mention of whose plan it is. And now it’s time to vote, and Woo looks super stressed.  As Jeff goes to tally the votes, Tony starts untying his bag. Jeff asks if anyone wants to use an Immunity Idol, and no one (Tony) does. The first three votes are for Tony, Tasha, and Trish. But then the next two are for Tasha, and she’s going home.

Next week: Kass is pissing people off again, some more, and it seems like she’s doing it on purpose.

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