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The Brewer's Art renames its Ozzy beer Beazly

This time, The Brewer's Art went with a local celebrity of sorts.

After receiving a cease-and-desist letter on behalf of musician Ozzy Osbourne, the Baltimore brewery has renamed its Ozzy beer Beazly, said co-owner Tom Creegan on Tuesday afternoon. It is named after Mark Barcus, a bartender of the Mount Vernon bar for nearly 17 years. His nickname around the bar is Beazly, Creegan said.

"The running joke joke was if you worked here long enough, you don't get a gold watch — you get a gold ale," Creegan said. 

The company submitted the proposed name change to Osbourne's representatives, Creegan said, and they approved it.

Earlier this month, The Brewer's Art asked customers to submit potential new names for the beer (which will keep the same recipe). Creegan said many of the submissions were good, but most were already taken by other beer companies. Renaming the beer Beazly started as a joke, Creegan said, but eventually made enough sense to move forward.

The next step is to finalize new artwork for the cans, Creegan said. The hope is to have Beazly on shelves in the early fall. (In the meantime, The Brewer's Art's next can — Birdhouse Pale Ale — should be in stores by mid-June, Creegan said.)

And if anyone wants to congratulate Beazly himself, Creegan said he works in the downstairs bar.

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