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Brewer's Art receives cease and desist letter on behalf of Ozzy Osbourne

Baltimore beer company The Brewer's Art received a cease and desist letter from representatives of Ozzy Osbourne over the brewery's popular pale ale named "Ozzy," (pictured above, on the left side), Brewer's Art co-owner Tom Creegan said this afternoon.

The canned version of the beer features a logo depicting a clenched fist with the letters O-Z-Z-Y spelled on the fingers, similar to the hard-rock singer's own left hand. Bat imagery also appears, which is likely a reference to one of Osbourne's most infamous on-stage stunts

Creegan declined to comment further on the news, first reported today by City Paper.

In other Brewer's Art news, Birdhouse Pale Ale will be the next beer available in cans. Expect to see the cans in stores and local bars in May, Creegan said.

Also, Charm City Cherry — which Creegan describes as a "tart brown ale with sour cherries added for a second fermentation" — has appeared on tap in Baltimore bars in the past week, the first time it's been available without ties to a special event. Creegan said Hamilton Tavern, his other bar, has it on tap, and Max's Taphouse in Fells Point will serve it on draft and in cask for Monday's opening day of baseball.

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