Josh Charles explains 'Good Wife' shocker to Letterman

Here's a first look at Josh Charles talking to David Letterman about the death of his character, Will Gardner, on "The Good Wife."

The appearance, which will air at 11:35 p.m. Monday, was taped earlier in the day.

Letterman: “What the hell happened?”

Charles: “What an intro!”  (audience laughs)

Letterman:  “You got killed off!” 

Charles:  “That’s what you gotta do to get on the Letterman show.  I had to do that, I had to get killed off to get on your show.”

Letterman: “Now, you knew this was going to happen?”

Charles:  “Yeah, we’ve known this since last year.   It’s been one of the greatest gigs for me in my entire career, but at the end of last year, my contract was up and I was just ready to kind of move on…”

Letterman: “That’s a very courageous thing to do.”

Charles: “Ah, you know – “

Letterman:  “In show business, don’t you think?”

Charles:  “It might be. Yeah, I guess it is.  It is tough to leave stability and leave sort of structure…”

Letterman:  “Yes, but moves like this always pay off.  I think they’re always for the better.”

Charles:  “Well, I could just tell you that I think what we decided last year was to come back and do these 15 this year, which I think really was great for the show and also was a really proper goodbye to the character, so that was special.”

Letterman:  “What has been the reaction of fans, friends, family to this?  It was all secretive, right?  You couldn’t tell anybody.”

Charles:  “It is kind of amazing.  We’ve been able to keep it a secret for an entire year…Yeah, I told some family members that I know could keep a secret, which is a very

Letterman: “Yeah.  What about neighbors and people on the street?”

Charles:  “Uh, no, you know, there’s the neighbors – today, I will say this.  When I went out to – I went downstairs, and I saw by our mailbox, the neighbors across the street, who I don’t even know, had left my wife and I a really beautiful note just saying that we feel like a family member had died and we know this is just a TV show and all that.  But it was, I have to say, I was very touched by it.  A lot of the, you know, the response on Twitter has been much the same and I just want to say to the fans that, you know, I really appreciate all of your comments.”  (searches to look directly into camera) “I don’t know where I’m  looking, but I just want to tell them that I really appreciate that.  Sorry, Dave.” (Charles, audience laugh)

Letterman:  “That’s all right.”

Charles:  “But I really do.  It’s meant a lot.  I get invested in characters in TV shows, too, so.  Everything’s going to be ok!  I’ll call your mom later.”  (Letterman, audience laugh)

Letterman:  “Do you have, in the back of your head, a plan – you must have a plan of things you want to do now?”

Charles:  “Oh, I have no plan.”  (audience laughs)

But in fact, Charles has all kinds of projects that he's involved in.

Stop back later after the show, and I'll talk about those.

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