'Survivor: Cagayan' recap, 'Odd One Out'

We start out tonight with the Brain tribe, post-Tribal Council. Spencer is super happy and grateful that he’s still around. Kass and Tasha agree that if they had kept J’tia, they’d be back at Tribal Council in another three days. That’s true. The three agree that they will stick together and be the final three, and they only have to get rid of two entire other tribes to do it.

Brain gets Treemail, and a sweet reward is implied. Tasha and Kass are glad they decided to keep Spencer, since they didn’t have a chance of winning anything if they kept J’tia.

The three tribes arrive ... but it doesn’t look like much of a challenge. Yup, as soon as they get here, they are ordered to drop their buffs. But will it be a merge to one tribe or two? My vote is two -- there’s too many of them for just one tribe.

After the credits, we find out that I’m right (yay!)  There will be two new tribes, Aparii and Solana (orange and purple, which has been Brawn and Beauty). Aparii is Spencer, Sarah, Morgan, Kass, Tasha, Jeremiah and Alexis, while Solana is Woo, Clif, Trish, Jefra, LJ, Lindsay, and Tony.

The former Brain tribe is happy, because they stuck together. If I was Morgan, I would be happy to have a chance at a new alliance, since she was the odd man out on Beauty. Sarah and Tony are also separated, so that gives me hope that he’ll be gone soon. He bugs me.

They’re going right into a challenge, where one person has to hold onto a pole. Two members of the other tribe get to try to drag them off and across a finish line before the other tribe. First one to two gets coffee, donuts, pastries and cookies.

First up are Morgan and Sarah, who are trying to get Lindsay off her pole and across the line. Solara is using Jefra and Trish to try and get Tasha. Both Linsday and Tasha are holding on pretty well, but Sarah and Morgan aren’t fooling around, and they get her off the post and across the line while Tasha is still holding on to the post.

Next, Aparri has Spencer and Jeremiah trying to move Cliff (yikes) while LJ and Trish try to move Alexis. I don’t see this going well for Aparri. LJ pretty much plucks Alexis off the post and drags her across the line single-handedly, which leaves the teams even.

For the last round, the teams are allowed to pick who does what, so Sarah is holding on for Aparri, with Tony and Lindsay attacking (there’s going to be some payback, there), while Cliff holds on for Solara (duh) with Spencer and Jeremiah trying to pull her off. Sarah is fighting as hard as she can, but Tony is dragging her. Plus, Cliff is just too hard to move. The new Solana wins the first reward.

The new Solana arrives at the old Solana’s beach, and everyone chows down on the treats and goes into sugar shock. They start to make small talk and get to know each other. LJ is desperate to make a connection within the new tribe, because he knows he’s outnumbered (and Jefra isn’t his first choice for his only ally.) Trish seems to like him a whole lot, and LJ is hopeful.

Woo tells Cliff how happy he is that they’re still on the same tribe, like he wasn’t trying to vote him out yesterday. Cliff isn’t impressed with how chummy Trish is getting with the new people (well, LJ, really).

Sarah takes the new Aparri to their camp, and they find out that they have two bags of rice, since Trish didn’t take the Idol clue. The former Brain tribe, who didn’t even have one bag thanks to J’tia and Jared, are glad that they got rid of both of them. Everyone also finds out that Morgan took the clue. She says that she doesn’t have the Idol (which she doesn’t), but no one believes her.

Alexis immediately goes to Kass, Spencer, and Tasha about aligning with them, and it looks like Brain is going to get a chance to use their, well, you know... As soon as Alexis is away, Morgan talks trash about her. Spencer is stunned how much it’s like high school being around the Beauty tribe. Spencer also recognizes how fractured they are, and what an opportunity that is.

Over at Solara (I’m going to have to get used to using the actual tribe names), Trish talks to Jefra about how she doesn’t get along with Lindsay. Jefra thinks that there might be a spot for her and LJ, but who will they align themselves with?

Immunity Challenge time! It’s barbarians at the gate; they have to ram a log through a gate, then run the log, which is carved, through a maze. It’s actually the most creative challenge we’ve had in a while. I’m impressed, "Survivor" puzzle people! Good job!

Aparri needs to sit someone out, and can’t decide if it should be Morgan or Alexis. Sarah wins me over by interrupting the dissection of each girl’s skills with “Rock, paper, scissors, eggheads.”

The log seems to be really heavy. Solara is having a better time carrying the log than Aparri, but they both struggle with smashing through the doors. Solara gets through first; Aparri gets through once they change their positions around the log. The two teams are neck and neck when they get to the maze. Tasha takes a lead with the maze portion, with Spencer helping, and they manage to barely eke out the win ahead of Solara.

Solana can’t believe that they lost; with most of the tribe coming from Brawn, they’re not really used to losing. They also can’t believe that they lost a challenge that involved brute strength. Umm, there was also a puzzle involved, which is where you lost. Cliff, Woo and Lindsay are talking about getting rid of LJ, because he’s a bigger threat than Jefra and he may have aligned himself with Trish.

They’re right, because Trish talks to LJ about getting rid of Cliff. If Tony and Jefra vote with them, they have the numbers. LJ doesn’t know if he should use his Idol or not. Trish talks to Tony about it. Tony is the reasonable one, and he doesn’t think that getting rid of Cliff is a risk they need to take right now.

Cliff takes Tony aside, and Tony is the worst liar in the world. Cliff seems to talk Tony into voting for LJ, but we’ll see. If I were LJ, I would use my Idol.

Tribal Council time! Jeff gets to make his "fire is life" speech, since this is the first time most of them have been to Tribal Council. Cliff talks about playing by the numbers, not emotion, and Trish talks about needing to make a move for yourself. It’s pretty obvious where the two of them stand. Woo and Lindsay also talk about sticking together.

Voting time! Jeff asks if anyone wants to use their Immunity Idol...and LJ doesn’t use it. It comes down to three votes each for Cliff and LJ, and it looks like LJ made the right choice, because it’s Cliff going home. Lindsay looks more shocked than Cliff.

Next week: Lindsay is pissed, and hates Trish. Maybe enough to leave the game.

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