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'Pretty Little Liars' recap, A is for Answers


Everything we thought we knew about Ali’s “death” was wrong, and all of the real facts come from the source herself -- starting from the beginning and leading up to one of the biggest moments in "Pretty Little Liars" history. 

Noel Kahn is alive, and working with Ali. When the girls end up at the empty space Ali has been hiding in, Noel is there to give Ali the signal on whether or not it is safe to come out and speak to them. When she agrees, Noel mentions the plane that will be coming to take the two of them away in an hour.

Yup, Ali is planning her big escape, but not before she gives all the answers.

Meanwhile, at the police station, Detective Holbrook has a secret weapon in the interrogation room, who’s willing to prove to him that Ali is alive. Cece Drake has finally been caught, and in return for a deal on her murder charge, she is willing to share how alive Ali really is.

Ali is alive and has been for a while. After taking a moment to hug her friends and apologize, she is ready to talk. Starting with her getaway with Ian!

It was no secret that Ali and Melissa Hastings' fiancé had a fling. Ali spent the weekend away with him. When Ian is confronted by Melissa, he tells her that he doesn’t have feelings for Ali, and that it’s all just a game. Ouch!

Of course. That is how Ali ended up with all of the infamous footage kept on Ian’s computer that could possibly bring everyone and their families down.

Did someone say blackmail?

Detective Holbrook is sure that if he finds the girls, he will find Ali. While trolling the Hastings' house for clues, he can’t find anything that could lead him to the girls. Back in the interrogation room, Spencer’s mother, father, and sister wait for answers and share some secrets of their own.

Ali spent her last night “alive” trying to figure out who exactly A was, and why she/he is trying to kill her. The night at the cabin the girls spent drinking and rekindling their broken friendship, Ali drugged them. While they were sleeping, A still sent her text, proving that none of her friends could possibly be the one to kill her. Not even Spencer.

Her friends ruled out, now it was time to look at the men in her life. Ian could have possibly been A, but after Ali spent all her time blackmailing him, she realized that he was too afraid to hurt her -- or anyone for that matter. Ezra had too much invested in Al; although she lied about her age, he still fell for her and not only wanted to write about her, but keep her safe as well. Byron Montgomery would do anything to protect his family…but nothing as extreme and murder.

So who did it?

Mrs. D. ends up in the police station. While alone with Mr. Hastings, he makes sure she is good on her word to protect their secret. Still in shock about the news that Ali is alive, Mrs. D would do anything to find her daughter.

All fingers are pointing to Spencer as the one who killed the mysterious blond girl, but Melissa knows the truth. After hearing from Toby in London that Spencer relapsed, she decides to come home and be with her family. At that moment, Melissa shares with her father who killed the blond girl, turning the blame on herself.


Ali knew the entire time that Spencer didn’t hit her. After Spencer woke up in the cabin, she found Ali outside of her house. Spencer was too high to hit Ali with the shovel, and in her missed attempt, she dropped the pills that had been keeping her up for days.

Ali knew Spencer’s secret and promised not to tell. In that moment, Spencer went back to the cabin, and back to sleep.

Ali begins to cry as she shares what exactly happened next. When she turned around to go inside of her house, she noticed her mother staring at her outside of the window. That’s when someone hit her in the head, knocked her out and her mother began to bury her. Yes, her mother began to bury her in the yard, after seeing some mysterious person “kill” her daughter. Mrs. D thought Ali was dead, and wanted to protect whoever it was that killed her. Why?

It’s true that Mrs. Grinwald pulled Ali out of the ground and took her to the hospital. But when she decided not to stay there and needed somewhere to go for the night. Mona was the only person who knew Ali was alive this entire time. It was Mona’s idea for Ali to take some time and get out of town. After giving her a fresh ID and money for a new start, Ali gave Mona the confidence to come out of her glasses, dress better and become popular.

After that shocking reveal, Ali admits she was everywhere. Staying one step ahead of A, she was the one who pushed Ian off the bell tower, and of course pulled Hanna out of the burning cabin. Now it was time for her to continue to hide.

The police finally find the girls -- but not before A, who chases them onto the roof, shooting at them.

After firing more shots, Ezra comes out of nowhere (or from behind the scenes) to protect the girls. After fighting with A, A gets away; everyone is still confused, but safe. Everyone but Ezra, who has been hit with one of A’s bullets, and left with no one on the roof to save him but the girls.

Yes, Ezra has been shot, and we aren’t sure if this is goodbye.

But it is goodbye for Mrs. D., who in the final 30 seconds on the season 4 finale is being dragged and buried just like her daughter. Only unlike Ali, she isn’t alive.

A is very alive, and willing to kill more than ever. Why?

It wouldn’t be a "Pretty Little Liars" finale if they didn’t keep us guessing ... at least until Season 5.

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