'Book of Mormon' breaks house record at Hippodrome

"The Book of Mormon" may not be to everyone's taste (I've had pretty spirited correspondence from some folks who took offense), but the mega-musical had no trouble drawing crowds on its first visit to Baltimore. The result turned out to be historic.

"Mormon," which features a story and lyrics by Robert Lopez and "South Park" creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, just broke the house record at the Hippodrome, grossing $1,675,748.25 for the week ending March 9.

Breaking house records is something of a religion for this show. The producers report that "Mormon" has broken the house record 49 times at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre on Broadway, where the musical has been playing since 2011. And on tour, it has broken 63 house records in 28 theaters around the country.

Financially speaking, "The Book of Mormon" is clearly a musical that just keeps on blessing.

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