'Survivor' recap, 'Cops 'R Us'

We open this week at the Brain tribe after Tribal Council, where Spencer is reeling after Garrett has been voted off.

J'tia is just glad that she’s still around, but I don’t think that she will be for long. Kass and Tasha think that they’ll keep her around for an alliance of girls, but I think that they’ll get sick of her before then.

Over at Crazytown, also known as wherever Tony is, he decides to come clean to Sarah about being a cop, since there was really no point in him lying about it in the first place. But now they’ve bonded about it, and it seems like they’re in an alliance together. But he’s already making up things people have said and lying to her because, well, Crazytown.

As Jeff mentioned in the previous episode, it’s going to rain a whole lot this season. And it does. And it sucks. This is why my version of camping includes a real mattress and ideally an RV. I’d rather camp in the snow (which I have, as a child no less) than camp in the rain.

And not only is there rain, but there’s also crazy winds. Woo is remarkably chipper about it, but, then again, it’s only day 6? Somewhere around there. We’ll see how he’s doing on day 25, if this keeps up. Lindsey is not so chipper about it.

Tony is filling Sarah’s head with more lies. Tony is super manic, and he’s making me a little uncomfortable, but Sarah seems fine with it.

The Beauty tribe is moping in the rain, albeit very photogenically. Jefra is nearly in tears, and it seems like they are just sitting around staying wet instead of doing anything about it. Oh, wait, that’s just Jefra. LJ and Jeremiah try and repair the shelter and make it more watertight, while the girls sit around and look pretty. Sad and pretty.

LJ decides that the middle of a monsoon is a great time to try and find the hidden Immunity Idol that Morgan was looking for when the rest of the tribe arrived at camp. And dang it if he doesn’t find it. I’m starting to like him.

Back at Brains it appears to have stopped raining, and they get Treemail about the upcoming challenge. The clue states that whoever wins will get a better shelter. Tasha tries to get the tribe to practice, based on the clue, but Kass would rather decorate the shelter (?) and Spencer would rather hydrate, which at least kind of makes sense.

Challenge time! The challenge involves tossing water is a relay from the ocean (which is what Brains was practicing), and then solving a vertical maze of course. Winner gets immunity and pillows, blankets, and a tarp. Second place gets a tarp.

It doesn’t look like the practicing helped much, because Beauty and Brains are in the lead, yet again. The weak spot on the Brain tribe seems to be J’tia, again. Beauty is the first to the puzzle, followed closely by Brawn. Cliff and Woo are in total sync with the maze, and Brawn wins the challenge. Spencer and Kass are working on the maze for Brain, and they seem to be doing 200% better with J’tia not participating. Brain manages to pull out second place, which means that Beauty is going to Tribal Council.

Brawn arrives back at camp with their awesome reward, at set about rebuilding their shelter while congratulating themselves on winning. Tony is crazy, but crazy like a fox, because he checks the hammock for a possible clue to the Immunity Idol, which he totally finds.

The mood is not so cheery over at Beauty, where they need to figure out who is going home. LJ asks if anyone wants to go home, which is valid, considering how mopey they all were earlier. Apparently LJ, Jeremiah, Alexis, and Jefra are in an alliance, so it’s going to be either Morgan or Brice. LJ is leaning towards Brice, because he thinks that he will be more of a threat in the long run.

But wait, Morgan thinks that Jeremiah is part of her alliance with Brice, and that they’re going to get rid of Alexis. Morgan goes to Jefra and talks to her about, and Jefra gets totally confused. I think that happens often. She talks to Jeremiah about it, and, if anything, he’s even more confused than she is.  Alexis and Jefra come up with the brilliant idea of splitting their votes between Brice and Morgan, and this is so not the right time to do that. Alexis deserves to go home. With the exception of LJ, and possibly Brice, this team is not that heavy on the brain power.

Tribal Council time! Jeff starts talking to the Beauty tribe, and, again with the exception of Brice and LJ, jeebus it’s painful to listen to. Brice calls out the fact that Alexis is not doing anything around camp, and she doesn’t even deny it. Jeremiah looks like a deer in the headlights when Jeff talks to him directly.

Voting time! We see Morgan vote for Alexis, Alexis vote for Brice, and LJ vote for Morgan, so they did decide to split the vote. It all depends on who Jeremiah voted for...and he votes for Morgan, which totally created a tie. What was the point of that? Now only Jeremiah, Jefra, and LJ vote -- Jeremiah just lost any power he had. And Brice is going home.

Next week: Brawn is considering throwing the challenge in order to get rid of someone (and I’m guessing that person lives in Crazytown.)

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