Material from Walters Art Museum is 10,000th item in World Digital Library

No bells and whistles went off today, but the Walters Arts Museum just won the distinction of providing the 10,000th entry in the World Digital Library, a Library of Congress project launched in 2009 that provides free Internet access to manuscripts, maps, books, works of art, photographs, films, recordings and more from every continent.

The total number of images provided by those 10,000 entries is nearly 500,000.

The Walters manuscripts that helped the digital library reach 10,000 entries include the Corvey Gospel Fragment from 10th-century Germany; the "Imperial" Menologion, a Greek church calendar from the 11th century; and the Ethiopian Gospel from the 16th century.

For a decade, the Walters has been at the forefront of providing free access to images from its extensive collections. The museum's executive director Julia Marciari-Alexander said in a statement that participation in the World Digital Library "is a terrific way to make some of our most significant treasures available alongside those of other great museums, libraries, and archives around the world."


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