'Pretty Little Liars' recap: 'She's Come Undone'

The good news: Ezra isn’t A. The bad news: Ezra was still in a relationship with Aria for all of the wrong reasons.

Aria fights tears as she shares with the girls all of the details she uncovered about Ezra and his book. While the girls are relieved that he isn’t A, they can’t help but question why he went to such great lengths to get close for a story, including creating a relationship with Aria -- and his theory that one of the girls killed Allison.

The tears can’t stop coming as Aria flashes back to the moment she met Ezra in the bar. Ezra’s reveal has made Aria more than upset, but physically sick.

Aria is not the only one whose body isn’t reacting well to bad news. Spencer notices her parents have bags packed, and wonders who they are for. Before she can guess where her parents are off to, her mother quickly informs her that the bags belong to her, and they have decided to place her in rehab.

Spencer pleads with her parents to allow her to stay home, again telling them that her problem isn’t as bad as it seems. The Hastings agree to give her one last shot to come off of the pills on her own, before sending her away to seek treatment in a rehab facility.

Of course it’s a normal school day at Rosewood High until Aria decides that she is going to confront Ezra about his book. Before her friends have a chance to stop her, Aria bursts into Mr. Ftiz's classroom, demanding to speak to “Ezra.” Of course, as Aria makes a scene in front of the entire class, the substitute informs her that he is out for a few days on family business.

Hanna runs into her old friend (flame) Travis. After being very brief with her, he informs her that he is going to court to testify on his father’s behalf.

He shares with Hanna that the police department is going to bring him up on charges connected to Detective Wilden’s blackmail against him. Hanna can’t help but put the blame on herself, and being the charming guy he is, Travis can’t help but to take it off of her. Hanna wasn’t the only one patching things up with a flame. Spencer found the prime opportunity to apologize to Toby for blowing him off the night before. Toby accepts but begs Spencer to talk to him and let her know if anything is wrong, telling her how her pill isn’t just her problem, but his.

And the award for the best boyfriend ever goes to?

Although they attend the same school Emily hasn’t had time to spend with Paige. After running into her at the lunch table Emily and Paige plan a night in. As Emily gets up to leave, her girlfriend notices a stack of money in her purse. Emily realizes that she can’t tell her the money belongs to Ali, so she shares that it was a gift from her grandmother, and has to deposit it in the bank after school. Paige believes it … right?

Aria has had enough! After growing tired of waiting for Fitz to call her back, she decides to pay him a visit at his apartment. When she realizes he isn’t there, she does what any girlfriend waiting to confront her ex-boyfriend would do: use the spare key her gave her to let herself in.

After looking around, she notices boxes full of files, pictures and recordings all connected to the book. And then she snaps!

Aria decides to throw all of the memories connected to the book and her relationship around the apartment, smashing documents, furniture, and pictures until she is left sitting in the middle of Ezra’s apartment crying. Thankfully her friends realize where she is and come to her rescue. As they pick up pieces of a broken Aria, Spencer picks up the pieces to the Ezra book scandal that could possibly give her all the answers she needs.

Back at school Emily and Spencer decide that they are still going to drop the money off for Ali. Spencer opens her locker and finds a gift from A. A bottle of pills … with her name on it! Knowing that A is doing that to test her as her body is withdrawing from the medicine, Spencer informs Emily that she is indeed bigger than A’s prank and puts the pills in her purse.

Emily makes her way to the post office to deliver the package for Ali. After watching Emily seal the money into an envelope marked “A.D. Incorporated,” Paige finds the perfect time to confront her. Emily begs Paige not to worry about it, but Paige had made her mind up that she is going to the police, and telling them about the money if Emily doesn’t tell her who it’s really for.

After sharing with her the fears she has that A is going to cause more problems in her life, Emily finally breaks down and tells Paige that Ali is alive. After the reveal, it still isn’t enough and Paige gives Emily the option of sending the money and never speaking to Ali again, or talking to the police and telling them about Ali’s whereabouts if Emily keeps in contact with her. Emily complies with Paige.  

One of the worst mistakes ever, Emily!

While others are winning in the boyfriend department, Hanna is winning in the friendship department. After sitting around with Aria and watching her burn pages of Ezra's journal full of notes for his book, Hanna decides to run out and get food for her friend in need.

While out, she runs into her new detective friend who tells her he spoke on behalf of Travis and his father, and the case has been dropped. In excitement, Hanna kisses him, and after feeling embarrassed she walks away.

Aria uncovers the publishers note for Ezra’s book. After getting off the phone with them she realizes that Ezra is still moving forward with his book, and away on a meeting in New York.

At the Hasting residence, Spencer his still fighting the urge to stay away from the pills. While looking through the pieces of manuscript she picked up from Ezra’s house, she reads that Ezra put her in Ali’s backyard with a shovel the night she disappeared, and that her father and Mrs. D have been covering that detail up for the longest time.

After linking the story with a private investigator, Spencer confronts her father. In true Hasting’s fashion, he informs her that she is all wrong, and places the blame on her acting out. When Toby walks in on Spencer crying, he takes her out for coffee. Before he notices Spencer is gone. Spencer makes her way to Mrs. D’s house, to ask her about the night that Ali disappeared.

Mrs. D doesn’t answer any questions, and asks a crazed Spencer to leave. When she arrives back at home, her mother, father and boyfriend all have something to confront her about.

The confrontations don’t stop there. Aria decides that since she can’t speak to Ezra, she is going to talk to the principal, and tell him everything. Hanna convinces Aria that sharing all of the details of her relationship with Ezra will hurt her, just as much as him.

Aria stops her rage and makes her way home. When Emily comes to check on her, she is packing her stuff and planning on making a drive.

But where?

Still uncomfortable with Emily working closely to help Ali, Paige writes an anonymous note to the police stating that Ali is still alive.

Is Paige really concerned about Emily, or could this be motive for someone acting as A?

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