'Pretty Little Liars' recap, 'Free Fall'

Hold on tight as everything falls apart. Spencer is finally getting some sleep, and hearts are breaking with one of this season’s biggest reveals.

Spencer wakes up at Ezra’s desk in his empty classroom. The one person to find her in that moment and warn her of the dangerous path she is heading toward is…Ezra himself.  Slipping out of the classroom in her pajamas and slippers before anyone can see her, Spencer still can’t figure out how she ended up in that situation.

In a frenzy, Spencer calls Hanna and Emily into the bathroom so they can try and figure out exactly how and why Spencer ended up in Ezra’s classroom after they left Aria’s house. Hanna, Spencer and Emily try to keep their distance from Aria, afraid of telling her the theory about Ezra..

Ezra finds Aria and shares with her that Spencer has a problem with drugs.  Aria can’t believe what Ezra is saying to her, until he shows her the file containing records of Spencer’s past struggle with Adderall.

Aria runs into Spencer and Hanna, pushing aside their big reveal with news of her own.

It’s time to intervene. As the girls meet at Hanna’s house, Spencer thinks it is time to tell Aria that Ezra is A, but not before they address her issue. As the girls confront Spencer, she can’t believe that Ezra has taken the attention off of himself and put it on her.  As she cries and admits to her problem, she finds the time to tell Aria that “Ezra is A.”

Fearing the lack of sleep and over-use of pills is making Spencer act out, the girls begin to re-evaluate the Ezra theory, leaving Spencer alone to prove that she is right.  

Back at Ezra’s house, Aria shares Spencer’s reaction during the intervention, mentioning how out-of-line she got by saying things that just weren’t true.  Aria stops herself before she can share how Spencer even went as far to say that…(you know the part about Ezra being A.)

Ezra suggests that the girls tell Spencer's parents. Aria claims that Spencer can get through this on her own, and wonders why Ezra is so insistent on her parents finding out. Ezra reminds Aria about Radley, and how possibly her judgment could have been clouded when she “saw the tattoo and helmet, and believed Toby was dead.”

Aria tries to figure out how Ezra knew that important piece of information, which was not told to the general public, Ezra reminds her that she is the one who shared it with him, and in that moment Aria realizes she never did. Maybe Spencer is right.

After calming down, Spencer gives Emily and Hanna all of her pills. She tells the girls that she will prove to them that Ezra is A, even if she has to do it alone.  Emily and Hanna don’t want Spencer to stress out any further, so they decide to come up with a plan to get Ezra to believe he is meeting A, but figure out that he indeed is A.

At the brew, Emily pretends to drop something in front of Ezra’s table. When she is sure he is listening, she fakes a phone call with Spencer and Hanna, saying that she will bring the money to Amber’s Pavilion so they can deliver it directly to Ali.

Love is still in the air. Toby realizes that it has been a while since he has found time with Spencer. After promising that she is no longer upset with him, she pledges to renege on a date with her mom to hang out with him. As beautiful as it sounds, the evening is pushed back because of the girls' date with A.

Using her dinner date with her mom as an excuse to cancel on Toby, Spencer also realizes that she needs her mom for something else: more pills. Before she heads out, Spencer calls the doctor’s office to request more pills -- not as Spencer Hastings, but as Veronica.

Sidebar: Mona and Mike are really serious about being together, and Ezra is serious about Mona helping him out…but with what?

After being unsure about their conversation, Aria takes a drive out to the cabin. After five attempts at getting the password to open the door, she finally gets in. Although she can’t really see anything that would lead to Ezra being A, she finds the secluded room under the floor that once held the surveillance footage of her and all of her friends. Coming upstairs, she finds typewritten pages pm which Ezra has started to explain how he met Ali. But before she has time to really let the news sink it, Ezra pulls up to investigate who made it into his cabin.

Meanwhile, as Emily and Spencer head to Amber’s Pavilion (which is actually a reptile display in the zoo) to wait for Spencer, they encounter something stranger than the animals. They see who they think is Spencer in the blond Ali wig, but the girls quickly notice that it isn’t him. But who could it be?

At that moment, Spencer appears and all of the lights and alarms to the exhibit start going off. The girls try to find their way out, but are locked in. They are freed by some mysterious man who works there. As the girls are leaving, Emily notices that she almost left the bag with Ali’s money, and someone left a blond wig.

Aria notices that Ezra has made his way to the house. Trying to avoid him and fearing what he will do next, she runs. As she runs deeper into the woods, he can hear her and chases her until he finally gets her on one of the cabin lifts. Stuck in the air with the man she thought she knew, Aria panics and confronts Ezra about all of his lies.

Ezra tells her that he did know Ali; he met her while he was in college and only continued a relationship with her simply because she lied about her age. He heard she went missing and wanted to investigate everything, causing him to move to Rosewood and teach. He didn’t hurt Ali but instead was writing a crime book about her.

Aria still can’t believe that Ezra lied to her. About everything! He assures her that his feelings for her are true, but that is the last thing she wants to hear. Aria tries to get the story back from Ezra, but the papers fly over the lift and on to the ground.

After having her plan foiled, Spencer makes her way home, where she finds Toby. He tells her about the evening that he had planned for her, and leaves her with the gift he was going to give to her.

Everyone is tired of Spencer’s lies. Especially her mother, who got a phone call from the doctor’s office. She tells Spencer that she and her father aren’t going through this with her again. But what is The Hastings' next move?

Aother pretty little reveal: Ezra isn’t A, and Spencer’s problem is bigger than anyone ever imagineS. If A isn’t Ezra, who is? And more important, how is Aria going to handle the news about Ezra? 

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