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Great Baltimore cocktails: The Hot Cider Dark n' Stormy at Metropolitan

For as much media coverage as our snow days in Baltimore seem to receive it's often interesting to note that there is a very short list of goals on any given winter day in which the accumulation brings everything to a grinding halt.

1) dig out your car, 2) reserve parking space with furniture, 3) proceed to the nearest bar and drink copiously (but preferably responsibly according to the legal department). Considering the topic of this weekly column, goal No. 3 is our focus.

The other day I made an earnest attempt at walking to the Inner Harbor or possibly beyond for some obligatory snowtography — hey look! it's the USS Torsk — COVERED IN SNOW! — and after minute 35 of circumnavigating vast lagoons of slush-dirt, decided to call it quits and indulge at Metropolitan Coffehouse and Wine Bar for an apropos aperitif.

Serendipity reared its head immediately as I glanced at the "cocktail list," a chalkboard with some drinks and specials scribbled on it, and noticed the Hot Cider Dark n' Stormy, one of owner Bruce Dorsey's signatures for the season. Seeing as how the cocktail fit every single requirement for the situation, I dove right in.

"We've made about a thousand of these things since the weather turned so ugly," said Dorsey, and while I didn't check his books to verify the numbers I'm sure Metro has probably moved a great deal of these warm and fuzzy drinks without question because they're delicious. Equal parts Gosling's Black Rum and piping hot Mountain Cider Company cider (crystal clear and concentrated — oh so good) with a cinnamon stick garnish if you ask nicely ensure an immediate fire in the belly upon consumption with a heady buzz to boot.

It's served in a mug or Irish Coffee glass, whichever your hands prefer. The sweetness from both the black rum and cider come together to form the perfect hot cocktail for a crummy day.

So ditch the shovel, put away the chairs and road cones and drink, Baltimore. While you may or may have not earned it today, you certainly deserve it.

How to make the Hot Cider Dark n' Stormy

2 oz. Mountain Cider Company cider

2 oz. Gosling's Black Rum

Cinnamon stick

Prepare cider to taste and bring a near simmer, add Gosling's rum to bring down temperature and avoid alcohol evaporation. Stir with cinnamon stick.

Where to get the Hot Cider Dark n' Stormy

Metropolitan Coffeehouse and Wine Bar

902 S. Charles St., Federal Hill



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