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Throwback Thursday: Top 10 Songs this week in 1984 [Videos]

10. "Let the Music Play," Shannon

Disco/dance wasn't officially dead.

9. "Girls Just Want to Have Fun," Cyndi Lauper

This uber-hit of the '80s (it was on the Hot 100 chart for 25 weeks) was actually written by a man, Robert Hazard. Hazard recorded it in 1979 and it was written from a male point of view. The more you know.

8. "Owner of a Lonely Heart," Yes

Prog rock: Chapter 1.

7. "Thriller," Michael Jackson

You may have heard of this one.

6. "That's All," Genesis

Ah, the unending 1980s appeal of Phil Collins, even when the accompanying video for some reason features homelessness. Singing homelessness, but still.

5. "Talking In Your Sleep," the Romantics

The hair.

4. "99 Luftbaloons," Nena

Anti-nuclear war protesting never sounded so good.

3. "Joanna," Kool and the Gang

From 1984-1987 every girl named Joanna probably had this played at her wedding.

2. "Jump," Van Halen

Go ahead.

1. "Karma Chameleon," Culture Club

The catchiest song of all time? Discuss.

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