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'Pretty Little Liars' recap: 'Hot for Teacher'

Everyone is a little tense, including Ali.

Ali begs Shawna to get in contact with someone, and quick, from an unmarked pay phone in an unknown location. Just went Shawna agrees and is going to get a little more information…in walks Ali’s four friends. Emily, Spencer, Hana and Aria can’t help, but suspect that Shawna is making a secret phone call to Ali.

Little do they know that all of their suspicions are true.

With Emily’s father and his heart condition, Hana and her impromptu dental visit with Dr. A, Aria’s brother making out with the enemy and Spencer’s lack of sleep and dedication to figuring out what could possibly link Mr. Fitz to Ali, all of the girls had one of the most intense coffee breaks ever.

Spencer says it's possible that whoever pushed Mr. Fields out of the window, had to be working on the play with Mr. Fitz. (We know she really wanted to suggest Mr. Fitz did it, but no one is ready to hear that). Spencer also insist that Aria tell them his exact location that night. Hana changes the subject to Spencer’s tired look and jitters.

After thinking the Adderall was just a one-time thing, Spencer spends that night researching every possible thing that could link Mr. Fitz to Ali. After finding the pie and the “board shorts’’ beer story in Ali’s notebook, Spencer is convinced that Mr. Fitz is connected to Ali in one way or another.

Spencer returns to school after missing a full night’s sleep, only to score more pills to help her “focus.”  On her way back to class, she runs into Mr. Fitz, who warns her that her latest paper wasn’t her best work. Mr. Fitz warns Spencer of the consequences she may face when she does “sloppy work.”

Real scary Mr. Fitz…seriously!

Hana runs into Detective Holbrook who, instead of giving her books, apologizes and returns all of the items taken from her house pending her mother’s investigation. Hana realizes that he wasn’t out to sabotage her and her mother, but to simply do his job.

Aria believes it's her job to make sure her little brother isn’t getting involved with Mona. After finding a moment, she makes her way back to the new student counselor's office, wanting to talk to him about her relationship. But before she can get any deeper into the conversation about herself, she redirects it to her brother’s relationship -- then leaves the office completely.

Of course, Ezra sees everything. After speaking with Aria, the new counselor accidentally stumbles upon Mr. Fitz pulling files on one of his students (Spencer). After a brief introduction, Mr. Fitz directs him in the right way and continues to look through Spencer’s file.  

Hana is aware that something is going on with Spencer. After being blown off by Spencer, she and Emily have a stake out, to find out just what Spencer is up to. Instead, they find Shawna leaving the Dilaurentis house. 

Emily runs into Shawna, who informs her that Ali needs a lot of help. She is running out of money and needs someone to go into her mother’s house and get a special envelop hidden in her room.

Emily, agreeing to work with Shawna, makes her way to visit Mrs. D. After telling her she needs to find an earring she left while staying in the room, she is able to get some alone time. Emily finds the envelope behind a painting. It contains $5,000. Emily agrees to meet Shawna and hand the money off to her.

After telling her friends that she was going to visit her father in Syracuse, Aria agrees to take a weekend trip to Ezra’s cabin. When they arrive, Aria says she wants to go home, because she is tired of lying and sneaking around with their relationship…again. Ezra puts on his charm and tells Aria that it is for the best, and that soon they will be able to tell everyone.

Ezra sends Aria to the store to get a can of chick peas (which he already had), just to get some time for himself. When she leaves, he lifts the wood in the middle of the living room and reveals a lair, containing cameras focused on Aria, her friends and Rosewood.

Back in Rosewood, Hana is tired of being lied to by Spencer, so she takes it upon herself to do a little investigating. Hana sneaks into Spencer’s room and notices her laptop is full of potential facts leading her to Ezra: the pie, the beer and the property in Ravenswood! Before Hana can make sense of it, she runs into Spencer sneaking into Ezra’s house.

When the girls get upstairs, Spencer looks for a key. In the process, she realizes that they are being watched by a camera placed outside of the apartment. She tells Hana to follow her lead as she acts like the knows nothing. They walk away.

Spencer and Hana have to tell Emily what they saw. After sharing with her how they possibly linked Ezra to Ali, and may have out thatr he is A, they all agree not to tell Aria until they are sure. Emily tells the girls that she was supposed to meet Shawna to give her the money for Ali, but she never showed up. The girls don’t know why Shawna wouldn’t show up, but they have an idea…A.

Aria wakes up in the middle of the night and realizes Ezra isn’t in bed with her. After looking around the cabin and out the window, he sneaks up behind her -- proving that he is still around (or that he has mastered sneaking in and out of places).

Ezra tells her to go back to bed. Aria agrees and still has no idea what her friends know.

When Ali calls Shawna from the pay phone, Shawna wakes up in her car unaware of where she is. Ali panics, asking her where she is with the money. Shawna notices her car is outside of the town of Ravenswood, facing a sign that A has altered telling her “Don’t come visit.”

Shawna rushes off the phone with Ali and leaves town -- leaving Ali outside of a train station with no money and a lot of fear!

With no money, Ali can’t keep running. And if she can’t keep running, A will find her.




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