Great Baltimore cocktails, The Isadore at Annabel Lee Tavern

Annabel Lee Tavern, which celebrated its sixth birthday this past weekend, is well known for its unending dedication to the mythos of Edgar Allan Poe in its decor, atmosphere and oh, yes of course, its cocktail menu.

A seasonally rotating selection of Poe-inspired creations to whet the whistle, all of which pay homage to the author's many works. This season's inspiration comes with its own set of hits, one in particular is a loving tribute to an enchantress named Isadore (featured in Poe's poem "To Isadore").

An evening cocktail perfect for sitting fireside, eating and savoring (much like Isadore herself?), Isadore is a classic coffee cocktail with boozy hits of Fireball Whiskey, Bailey's Irish Cream, and a whiff of vanilla extract with a whipped cream topper. That description alone would make it an adequate cocktail for after dinner enjoyment; that is, until you delve into the coffee. Oh yes, the delicious dark roast of Baltimore's own High Grounds coffee.

Presented in a French press, the High Grounds elevates this cocktail by the virtue of its quality — a fantastic roast that more than complements the alcoholic counterparts of the drink and truly elevates them to a dessert cocktail worth savoring. Better yet, with the coffee dispensation at your control, you can make the drink as strong as you like. You may have all booze up front, or continue adding the earthy beverage to the mix to taper off the creamy, cinnamon flavor till the very last drop. Either way, you'll be enjoying it the whole time.

High Grounds dedicates a portion of its sales to building orphanages around the world, as well as Doctors Without Borders. You'll doing just a sliver of good in a world that Poe often found bleak and dismal.

At least the coffee's good, Edgar.

How to make the Isadore

High Grounds coffee

10-12 oz. boiled water

French press

1 1/2 oz. Fireball Whiskey

1/2 oz. Bailey's Irish Cream

Dash of vanilla extract

Steep three scoops of High Grounds coffee in a French press for three minutes before press and pour into glass with Bailey's, Fireball and vanilla extract. Stir and top with whipped cream. Enjoy.

Where to get the Isadore

Annabel Lee Tavern

601 S. Clinton St., Canton



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