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'The Voice' recap, Semi-final performances

Last night, Cole, Tessanne, Will, Jacquie and James proved that semi-finals night would be one to remember.

The final five contestants took the stage for their chance to perform on next week’s finale. To prepare, Jacquie went into the studio with her coach, Cole got a haircut with his and Team Adam ate eggs.

But first, the group came together for a performance of the American Authors' hit “Best Day of My Life.” It's easy to see why all five of the powerhouse singers made it to the semi-finals.

Team Adam: James Wolpert and “With or Without You” by U2

After surviving the twitter #instantsave last week, James Wolpert and coach Adam felt it was time for him to step it up and give the people a classic James Wolpert performance in the form of a U2 song.

After channeling his inner Bono with strong vocals and performance technique (in true James Wolpert fashion), coach Adam said the performance exceeded his expectations, while Blake “Loved it.”

Team Adam: Will Champlin and “Carry On” by Fun

It was up to Will to fully commit to his performance, and he did!

For one of the first time in the competition, Will looked and sounded confident and open during his performance. When coach Adam told Will he would be performing Fun’s “Carry On,” he couldn’t have been more excited (really excited).

During his performance, Will eighty-sixed his piano and gave his all to the stage, delivering great vocals and finally looking like he was having fun! CeeLo complimented him on his “swag,” while Blake commended him on finally opening up and wrapping himself up in the performance. Coach Adam was left delighted and gushing.

Team Christina: Jacquie Lee and “Angel” by Sarah McLachlan

When performing this song, Jacquie’s coach wanted to showcase all of the teen’s major talents in a non-boastful way. What better song to do that than Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel.”

During rehearsals, Jacquie struggled slightly with pulling through and delivering a full performance, but as soon as she got into the studio to record the song for itunes…she made it hers. Onstage, Jacquie seemed a tad nervous at first, but pushed through and landed each high-note, as well as the notes inbetween.

CeeLo felt it was amazing, while Coach Christina gave Jacquie a standing ovation and was blown away.

Team Blake: Cole Vosbury and “Shameless” by Garth Brooks

After getting a haircut (don’t worry ladies, it was just a trim), plus coaching from both of his coaches, Blake and CeeLo, Cole was feeling confident enough to perform a song that would showcase his ability to do rock, soul and country. For his performance of Garth Brooks' “Shameless,” Cole took a page out of Will Champlin’s book and started off behind the piano, then rocked the stage for the rest of the performance.

CeeLo felt the performance was very special. Blake felt it was incredible and told Cole that this moment was where he figured out exactly who he is as a musician.

Team Adam: Tessanne Chin and “Bridge Over Troubled Water” by Simon and Garfunkel

It was evident when assigned this song that Tessanne found a little more meaning behind it. After a rehearsal filled with tears, it was time for Tessanne to pull through onstage and deliver a flawless performance.

Coach Adam decided it was  time for her to perform something a little different, assigning her the Simon and Garfunkel classic, “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” After an emotional and flawless performance, Blake called it graceful and admitted how much of a fan he is.

Tessanne’s coach, Adam, looked as though he had been moved to tears. Adam was speechless after seeing her performance and understanding all of the emotion that came with it.

It has come down to the wire! This week there will be no #instantsave; the only votes that count are the votes of the people. Which of the Top five will move on to be the final three? Who will become The Voice?

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