Great Baltimore Cocktails: Boyle's Baltimore Water, The Chasseur

I'm a sucker for Baltimore-themed cocktails. I'm compelled to order them, in fact, no matter how unusual, random or potentially deadly they may turn out to be.

So obviously, when I spotted Boyle's Baltimore Water on the menu at the Chasseur in Canton, I had to give it a go. And? Well, who knew a drink lovingly named after the infamy of our Mobtown tap water could taste so delicious?

Bar manager Michael Zabora takes a rather cheeky approach to paying homage to our fair city. "I started making the drink a few years ago, when [Pinnacle Red Berry vodka] was kind of new," he said. "If a customer was being indecisive, the vodka, splash of lemonade and soda water was my go to. It was light, tasty, somewhat healthy." Zabora started calling it Baltimore Water jokingly with a frequent customer because, "although the city's tap water is pretty solid, it gets a bad rap. Plus, [the water is] a little murky, but it goes down smooth," he said. The same is true for Boyle's Baltimore Water.

Don't make a scrunchy face just yet. Boyle's Baltimore Water is a refreshing little concoction that drinks well with just about anything. And it packs a helping heap of alcohol to boot. It's simple and versatile: Pinnacle Red Berry vodka, cut with fresh, house-made lemon sour mix (the "murky" part), topped with soda water and garnished with fresh berries.

So who's the "Boyle" responsible for the water? None other than Captain Thomas Boyle, the famed privateer of the Chasseur itself, the clipper ship that came to be known as the Pride of Baltimore. In typical Charm City fashion, it's a quirky tribute to a local hero. Cheers to that.

How to Make Boyle's Baltimore Water

2 parts Pinnacle Red Berry

1 part lemon sour mix

Splash of soda water

Mixed berries

Mix vodka and sour mix; top with soda and garnish with fresh berries.

Where to Get Boyle's Baltimore Water

The Chasseur

3328 Foster Ave., Canton



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