For All Souls' Day, a performance of Strauss' 'Allerseelen'

In case you pay attention to liturgical calendars, or in case you don't, Nov. 2 is All Souls' Days in Catholic tradition. That's reason enough for me to share one of my favorite art songs -- "Allerseelen" ("All Souls' Day") by Richard Strauss. That guy sure could write 'em.

This vintage, gorgeous performance by tenor Rudolf Schock should please all souls.

Needless to say, the song isn't about the actual fesast day, but about love. Here's a loose translation of the poem by Hermann von Gilm zu Roseneg:

Put the fragrant reseda on the table. Bring the last red asters over here, too. And let us talk about love again, as once in May. Give me your hand so that I can squeeze it discreetly. If someone sees, I don't care. Give me just one of your sweet glances, as once in May. The blooming flowers smell sweet on every grave today. The dead have one day of freedom a year. Come be mine again, as once in May.

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