Doug Gansler's bad day of TV optics ends with Leno 'quoting' Miley Cyrus on beach party

Doug Gansler's truly bad day of TV optics started Thursday with a Sun story and accompanying picture off Instagram of a beach party the attorney general attended in Delaware.

By 9 a.m., the cable channels were running with the picture and the story -- and it went that way on the hour throughout the day straight through the network evening newscasts and prime-time cable.

And then, the story was picked up by late-night comedians.

Here's what Jay Leno had to say on the "Tonight" show. (It comes at 3:36 into the video below.)

“I love this story,” Leno said in his monologue. “Maryland’s Attorney General, a guy named Douglas Gansler (he mispronounced it as Gangsler) is under fire for allegedly attending a party that included underage drinking… When confronted about this, Gansler said he couldn’t remember if there was drinking at the party. Couldn’t remember. So, it sounds like it must have been a helluva good party if he couldn’t remember.”

And then, the picture that will probably haunt Gansler the rest of his career came on the screen with a giant arrow pointing at Gansler in the middle of the teen madness.

“This is great,” Leno continued. “Here’s an actual picture from the party. Yeah, that’s the attorney general there – and he didn’t know if there was any drinking going on? Even Miley Cyrus called and said, ‘Hey, keep it down. Will ya? Jeez.’”


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