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'The Voice' recap, Blind auditions night 2, or the Blake Shelton show

After an exciting first night, it was time for the Fantastic Four to come back and pick more strong voices for their teams. Going into the night, Christina and CeeLo both had two singers, Blake only had one and Adam had landed the most talent, with three.

Starting off the competition was 16-year-old Jersey girl Jacquie Lee. After singing in children’s hospitals, it was time for her to take her gift to a bigger stage. In classic "The Voice" fashion, Jacquie performed the Amy Winehouse power ballad “Back to Black.” Coaches Christina and Blake turned around to see who had the voice to match the power of the song. All eyes were on Jacquie (and her boots) as she decided to go with coach Christina and move on to the next rounds.

We really look forward to seeing those Aldo boots on CeeLo later in the season.

Following in the footsteps of young Jacquie to team Christina was 20-year-old Destinee Quinn. Tired of playing biker bars, the Arizona native performed “Cowboy Take Me Away,” a performance that grabbed the attention of coach CeeLo as well. Although the country singer made her way to Team Christina, coach Blake already has plans to steal her in the battle rounds.

In a night full of surprises, no one was more shocked than the judges when they learned that one contestant wasn’t playing his … bowtie? Barry Black took the stage to perform “What You Won’t Do For Love,” starting off his performance with a mouth horn that grabbed the attention of both Adam and Blake. 

After showing coaches that he indeed wasn’t playing his bowtie, it was time for the former hotel manager to make his parents proud and pick a team. Barry decided to take his “weird and wonderful” talents to Team Adam.

Coming from a family with a father in a band and a grandmother who sang with (and turned down) Elvis, Cole Vosbury came to "The Voice" with a lot to prove. The 22-year-old Louisiana native performed one of the competition's most unconventional audition songs ever. “Movin on Up” (Yes, "The Jeffersons" theme song). Coach CeeLo was the only person who turned his chair for the eager performer, automatically landing his first member of team Ceelo in night two. Joining Cole was Jonny Gray, a former airman from Austin, Texas, who showed what a great fit he would be for team Ceelo with his performance of “All These Things That I’ve Done.”

While it looked like a night full of success, two contestants didn’t have what it takes to join any of the teams. Nineteen-year-old Mike Unser hoped to win over the coaches with his rock-star edge and performance of “Dirty Little Secret.” While none of the judges had any problems with his performance, it just wasn’t the time for Mike (or his amazing hair) to shine.  Just like Mike, 16-year-old Sammy C was told to come back and try again, after a performance of “Where is the Love” that showcased his rapping and singing abilities.

Sidebar: Can we ask the coaches why they aren’t turning around if there are no flaws in a performance? Just one of the more confusing aspects of the blind auditions, I guess.

Coming into the night with only one person on his team, three-time champion Blake Shelton was ready to pick up some talent that would hopefully get him to win number four.  His first pick of the night came in the form of 19-year-old Holly Henry, whose performance of Coldplay’s "The Scientist" earned her an automatic chair spin from Coach Blake after one word. While all four coaches fought to have Holly on their team, she decided to take the country route and go with team Blake.

Holly’s teammates from the night include Austin Jenckes, a Washington native who performed “Simple Man” in honor of his late father, the voice of Tommy Pickles and one of the stars of "The Adventures of Pee Wee Herman," E.G. Daily. (Not only was she full of talent, but childhood nostalgia, too.)

The final contestant of the night came as a surprise to everyone in the audience, as well as all four judges. Hailing all the way from the beautiful island of Jamaica, Tessanne Chin blew the entire competition out of the water with her performance of Pink’s “Try.” It was no surprise that Tessanne got the attention of all four judges, who were willing to fight hard to have her on their team. In the end, Tessanne decided to go with Coach Adam.

At the end of night two, coaches Christina, CeeLo and Adam picked up two additional members of their teams, while Coach Blake picked up three. Next week brings two more nights of auditions. Which coach will complete their team first?

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