Great Baltimore cocktails, The Irish Crush at Quigley's Half Irish Pub

Ah, the Crush. It's a time-tested cash cow, combining freshly squeezed fruit juice with fruity fruit flavored vodka and more fruit-flavored accoutrements.

But what if society decided to flip the script on the old Crusharoonie and give it what it needs — a much belated upgrade? Quigley's Half Irish Pub has something to fit the bill: the Irish Crush. It's a traditional Orange Crush at its core: freshly squeezed orange juice, triple sec and Sprite, but with a very important substitution — Jameson instead of any manner of vodka. And if that weren't intriguing enough, there's a very special secret ingredient thrown into the mix that makes the cocktail that much better.

"A sales [rep] from Republic National .... wondered how Jameson would work with an Orange Crush instead of vodka," said owner Jim Quigley. "We started tinkering with the formula and the Irish Crush was born. … The secret ingredient was added after many, many more sips of Jameson." The secret ingredient certainly elevates the smoothness factor. The Irish Crush winds up being a really mellow drink in the face of its woody elements, which can still be detected through all the citrus and secrecy.

While I can't identify the secret by taste, I know it is brown in color as I snuck a glimpse of it being poured into the drink at the very end and it's definitely nonalcoholic (pretty sure I could tell if it was). That may help you boozy sleuths out there figure out the mystery, take that as a clue. I'll enjoy the drink just as much without knowing. Slainte!

How to make the Irish Crush

2 oz. Jameson Irish Whiskey

1 oz .Triple Sec

1 orange worth of juice

Sprite to top

Secret ingredient

Crush orange juice into glass over ice and mixed ingredients, add secret ingredient to finish and stir together. Garnish with orange slice.

Where to get the Irish Crush

Quigley's Half Irish Pub

633 Portland St., Ridgely's Delight

Baltimore, MD 21230



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