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'Dexter' recap, 'Goodbye Miami'

The awkwardness was out in full force, affecting just about everyone in Miami.

Nikki shows up high to a crime scene and is kicked out by Masuka (we still don't know why Nikki is even in this season). Vogel and her son, Saxon, reunite for breakfast to discuss how he won't stop killing innocent people (reminding her that he killed her other son). Dexter, Harrison and Hannah plan to move to Argentina, to be as family-like as possible when two of them are serial killers. Dexter and Batista have a bro-hug. And Quinn breaks up with Jamie, while she's cooking him dinner. Didn't his mother teach him any manners? Or safety rules? Never break up with a woman holding a hot skillet.

And that's only the beginning.

Just about everyone tugs on Vogel's heart, playing the "son" card. Dexter wants to kill her son Saxon to protect her, and to get justice for her dead son. Matthews wants Vogel to break doctor-patient privilege to talk about her sessions for the still-missing Hamilton (although she knows that he is at the bottom of the Gulf by now). And Saxon wants her to turn him into a real boy. Just like Pinocchio. But with more blood.

Meanwhile, Deb finds out about Dexter's permanent vacation idea and freaks out. She goes to Quinn for advice, but he's all about letting Dex do what's good for him (since he's doing what's good for him and breaking up with Jamie).

Dexter shows up to a crime scene and tells Batista he's leaving. Insert the awkward hug here.

Dexter checks in on Hannah. They both are eager to leave, but Dexter refuses to leave while Vogel is in danger. Now, she doesn't believe she's in danger, but when has reality ever stopped Dexter? After all, he's still confronting Harry's dead ghost about whether he should protect Vogel in the first place.

Saxon shows up at Vogel's house and takes her to his kill room, where he explains that it serves as a reminder of where she had him institutionalized. He lays the blame on thick, right before the final blow -- he insists that she teach him how to exist in the real world as he is. He begs her to find a way to love him, and she reluctantly accepts.

Dexter "invites" himself into Vogel's house, hacking into her computer to find a link to Saxon. Instead he finds a video of Saxon brutally killing Hamilton.

Deb comes home to see Dexter, Harrison, and Hannah -- the not-quite-so-ideal family, but a cute one nonetheless. She finally opens up about her fear of him leaving. They've been together from the beginning and finally gotten to a place of honesty and openness. I'm proud of Deb for owning up to this instead of running from her fears.

Vogel stops by Dexter's, trying to convince him that she can still help Saxon. With no warning, Dexter shows Vogel the video of Saxon killing Hamilton. It seems to shock her into reality. She agrees to set up a trap for Saxon, but barely seems to be keeping it together.

Upon learning that Dexter is leaving town, the Marshall stops by to see Deb as she's playing outside with Harrison. She seems to convince him that Dexter and Hannah aren't together, although with a lot more cursing, but she's clearly upset by the interaction. After warning Hannah that the Marshall is still on the trail, she bolts. She flees to Elway, but the two have a rough goodbye, and seem to part as wary adversaries.

Take two -- Deb flees to Miami Homicide, where Batista welcomes her back to the force with open arms (after Jamie curses her out for the whole my-boyfriend-broke-up-with-me-for-you thing). When Quinn walks in, she leaves to knock some sense into him. But the only the thing they end up knocking is boots, as they confess their mutual romantic feelings for each other and pick right up where they left off.

Harrison, alone with Hannah, trips on the treadmill. Unable to reach Dexter (who's setting up the kill room for Saxon -- such great priorities, I know), Hannah takes him to the hospital. Almost immediately, the nurse recognizes her and calls the Marshall.

Dexter comes home to Hannah and the wounded patched-up Harrison, but Vogel calls to let him know Saxon has arrived. Dexter is torn between protecting Hannah and protecting Vogel, but he takes the leap of faith and races toward Vogel.

Too late, he arrives only in time to witness Saxon's one-man show ... as he slits Vogel's throat.

There's no doubt Dexter is out for revenge, but as he faces down his most brilliant adversary to date, he will have to choose between the two worlds he has built for himself: family man or serial killer vigilante. 

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