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Denver pounds Baltimore in ratings, too

Denver fans showed more TV loyalty to their Broncos than Baltimore fans did to the Ravens in Thursday night's NFL opener.

The 49-27 pounding by the Broncos was seen in 43.9 percent of the TV homes in Denver, while 37.6 of the homes in Baltimore were tuned to the game. And the game was played in Denver, which means the most devoted fans were in the stadium not at home in front of their TVs.

Denver was the highest-rated market followed by Baltimore with Indianapolis third (must have been Manning and all those former Colts on the field).

That 37.6 rating means Thursday's game does not even rank among the Top 10 regular season Ravens games since Local People Meters were introduced here.

See that list here.

A bad night all around for Baltimore Ravens fans.

UPDATE 4:55 p.m. Friday: Nationally, the telecast was seen by 25.1 million viewers, a 5 percent increase over last year. It was the third largest audience in the 12-year history of the "Kickoff Game."


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