Fleet Street Kitchen's new tasting menu options and gluten-free menu

When Fleet Street Kitchen introduced its tasting menu a few months ago, there was only a five-course option. Starting tonight, the restaurant is expanding the offerings to include three-course and seven course tasting options.

The cost of the tasting menu is $45 for three courses, $65 for five courses and $85 for seven courses.  And a vegetarian tasting menu will be offered for $35, $55 and $75 for three, five and seven courses, respectively. Wine pairings can be ordered at an additional cost.

The tasting menus, devised by Chef Chris Amendola, change weekly.

You can see this week's tasting menu on the Fleet Street Kitchen website, where you can also take a look at the restaurant’s new gluten-free menu, which presents all of the restaurant's gluten-free options in an easy-to-read format. Some of the items on the new menu are always gluten-free at Fleet Street Kitchen. In some cases, a note has been added letting diners know which ingredients can easily be omitted from a non-gluten free item to make it gluten-free.

Sometimes, it's as simple as leaving the crostini off of the charcuterie plate.

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