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'True Blood' Finale: Nothing Radioactive About It

The sixth season of True Blood has come to a close, but was it the epic ending that fans were hoping for? The finale offered up death(s), new relationships and a new big bad — unfortunately, instead of feeling like a return to the show’s roots or even a change of direction, it all just felt like more of the same.

 Body Count: One, or Two?

When Terry was shot, I hoped that his was the big death rumored to be occurring sometime this season. That would mean that Eric Northman (played by Alexander Skarsgard, and the center of most of the rumors) was safe. My relief was temporary, as cast and crew began hinting in the press that we’d lose more characters before the season wrapped.

Although it spanned more than six months, the finale only saw two deaths occur: Warlow and Eric. Warlow, at least, we know to be definitely dead. A puddle of gooey blood is one of True Blood’s signature “gone for good” vampire deaths.

Eric’s death was less certain. When Jason drove the stake through Warlow’s heart, and the faerie blood wore off our daywalking vamps, Eric was lounging in his birthday suit on a snowy Swedish mountainside. A sunny, snowy mountainside. No longer immune to the light, he bursts into flames and presumably, dies.

But we don’t see that death to completion on camera. And when we fast-forward six months, it’s to a Bon Temps without Pam, who went searching for her maker after he zoomed off. Did Pam find Eric and save him? Is learning the answer to that question enough to make you tune in to Season 7?

Other Season 6 Finale Highlights:

  • Sookie is shacking up with Alcide. It seems that after Sam turned her down, she moved on to Safe Guy #2. But she’s quite obviously still lusting after Bill, who’s just completed a book about his time as a god.
  • Now that Sam is busy mayoring, Arlene has taken over Merlotte’s and used that hefty sum of insurance money that Terry left behind to give the place a makeover. Meet Bellefleur’s Bar & Grill, Bon Temps’ newest hot spot.
  • The Hep V virus has mutated, and instead of killing vampires it now turns them into murderous zombie vamps. In order to protect themselves, humans are pairing up with vampires in a mutually beneficial arrangement thought up by Bill and Mayor Sam Merlotte — the vampires get to feed, and in exchange offer the humans protection. We’ll see how well this works out when Season 7 begins, as the finale ended with a swarm of zombie vampires descending on Bon Temps.

Yes, the finale did mostly manage to tie up all the storylines into one by physically putting all of our characters (minus Pam and Eric) in the same place. And yes, the humans and uninfected vampires are now united against a common enemy. Sure, it’s nice in a nostalgic kind of way to see Sookie pining for Bill while playing house with the always-handsome but completely boring Alcide. But the main event is now ZOMBIES?! Le sigh.

This doesn’t inspire a whole lot of confidence in what Season 7 will bring. As per usual, it inspires just enough that I’ll tune in. Bummer.

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