'Pretty Little Liars' recap, 'The Mirror has Three Faces'

Caleb Rivers (played by Tyler Blackburn) on "Pretty Little Liars."

If trying to sneak into school without anyone catching them wasn't enough to put them on edge, how about a text from Emily's mom saying that Mrs. DiLaurentis is offering the two a place to stay? Do you say no?

Again trust is an issue, and in Rosewood, no one can be trusted.


Wren (yes, he is back as well) pays his dearest patient a visit in Radley. Wren believes that Mona is covering for someone, and isn't telling the truth about her confession. When he realizes that Mona is quite playing for his team anymore, he reminds her that he is the only one she can trust. Not true, Mona quickly calls his bluff making him more and more frustrated. After his visit he makes a call on his cellphone to an unknown person, letting them know that there is some kind of problem, but what?

With her mother home, and crying off and on, Hanna is the only one who is able to comfort her. Wanting to take the heat off of her mom completely, Hanna feels the only way to do that is to make her way into Radley and talk to Mona. Caleb doesn't agree. After reminding her of her old friends suspicious ways, Caleb tries to convince her to tell her mom, and Mrs. Hastings about A's return, in true Hanna fashion, she has a plan of her own.


Ezra Fitz defines the term, "Nice guys finish last." Although he didn't have Aria, he still had Malcolm, until Maggie dropped the news that she was going to take him to Seattle while she finishes school. In the process of taking the steps to gain custody of Malcolm, Ezra finds out that Malcolm isn't his son, and that Maggie has been lying this entire time. In what was one of the sadder moments of the series, Ezra's would fell apart and it wasn't because of A. He knows there is one person who can get him through this, however she is busy giving someone else her attention.

Aria and Jake are getting closer and closer. While attending his championship match in Philly, it is imperative that she pays a visit to the last tracked address used by Cece Drake. Aria meets Cece's former roommate who is being evicted from the residence. The roommate shares how much trouble the blonde girl and her group of "she-devils" caused Cece, and the reason she was kicked out of school (who fell down the stairs at a college party?) leaving her alone to pay for the apartment. With still no trace of Cece, Aria now knows how involved Ali was in Cece's life, and how dangerous the duo are together.

Aria also makes it back in time to watch Jake kick butt at his championship tournament, and decline a phone call from Ezra.

Emily is trying the best she can to make herself feel at home, in the house of her dead best friend. Trying to make herself comfortable in Ali's room and final place of residence before she died, Mrs. DiLaurentis couldn't be happier to have one of her friends staying with her. During their alone time, Emily learns that Mrs. D's husband has filed for divorce, leaving her alone in the house, or so she thought.

Since she didn't have the chance to see the house while everyone else was there, Hanna decides to pay casa DiLaurentis a visit. When she realizes there is no one home, she invites herself in. While lurking Ali's room, Hanna doesn't realize that "red coat" is behind her. On her way home Hanna runs into Caleb. In a classic Haleb moment, Caleb tells Hanna how much he wishes he could protect her, and how sad he is that he can't. Hanna again tells him that he is enough protection for her, and that they will get to the bottom of every situation.

Can he explain why Wren was in the car, watching their every move? Or the threatening visit Mrs. Hastings paid him?

Toby finally gets the package A left him. With a note reminding him to stay away from "the lamb" he is assured that he can only get the answers from his mother's death from one person. Taking another secret visit Dr. Palmer, Toby and Spencer find out a little more than they intended. When Spencer played she sheet music given to Toby by A, Dr. Palmer was instantly reminded of his visits with Toby's mother, he ask her if she will play that song for Toby, just when they think they are getting the answers they need, it is time for Dr. Palmer to leave, but not before he speaks with Mrs. DiLaurentis.

Emily and Mrs. D get to the bottom of the broken furnace, but uncover that someone has been living in the basement while she was gone ... or possibly still in the house. Emily notices four holes that lead upstairs; someone has been watching them.


An anonymous tip informs the court that Mrs. Hastings may have "bullied" Mona into making the confession, leaving her with no choice but to recuse herself from the case. Ashley is now without a lawyer, the girls have no alliances, and Emily has no choice but the stay in the house with someone watching her.

What more can A do? Of course plant the missing shoe from Detective Wilden's murder in the ruble that was once Emily's house.

Did we mention that no one can be trusted?