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'Dexter' recap, 'Dress Code'

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Or a woman you betrayed and sent to jail.

We pick up from last week with Dexter waking up in the middle of nowhere. Yup, Hannah’s not over Dexter’s betrayal, but what are her intentions? Although unable to go to the cops, Dexter has his own way of finding people and tracks his ex-lover down easily. Too easily. Who is the cat and who is the mouse?

Deb works on tracking Hannah from her job but Elway interrupts. She very rudely shuts him down. And Elway shows his dark side, slamming her for her ungracious manner. For the rest of the episode it’s like a tennis match between the two. She borrows a GPS tracker to follow Dexter while politely warning Elway off. He, just as politely, insists his case. She comes back later to apologize (while she’s watching Dexter’s tracker. Could there be a bigger sign for how Dexter is getting in the way of her living a normal life?)

Oh, by the way, Quinn and Jamie are (maybe) moving in together. She wants to and he wants to get back at Angel. What could make for a better foundation for a loving relationship? Oh yeah, honesty.

Speaking of randomness, Masuka’s daughter, Nikki, forgives him for his scheming background check and gets topless. There’s a little more space in between the two scenes, but there’s just as little reason. Maybe Showtime just needs to fill its quota of nudity. And it gives Masuka a reason to offer her a job in the lab.

Meanwhile, Zack Hamilton shows up at Dexter’s door. Dexter starts the class – How to Survive Your Dark Passenger 101. Don’t show up at my door. Get a cover life. Do this. Don’t do this.

Dexter follows Hannah to a fancy club, but is stopped at the door. Using Hamilton (and his wealthy reputation) to get in the door, Dexter faces down Hannah. But her mysterious (and filthy rich) husband, Miles Kassner, cuts in. Apparently he knows far more than Dexter is comfortable with.

While the new couple leave, Dexter gives his second lesson: only kill those who deserve it, no matter how tempting. *cough*Miles*cough*

Dexter delves into Kassner’s life, but Deb shows up to talk about the Hannah “problem” – but Dexter is no longer sure that Hannah is a problem. In fact, she seems more like a second chance at true love for Dexter, and Deb notices.

Deb goes to Vogel to flesh out a plan for how to handle Hannah. Vogel insists on trusting Dexter, but Deb wants to handle it through more legal channels. Can she just make up her mind? First she’s a saint, then she’s the sinner (who killed that assassin for jewels, remember?), and now she’s the saint again?

Harrison barely says hi to Deb, but at the mention of Hannah, he seems all ears.

Hamilton shows up at Miami Homicide, demanding Quinn stop harassing him. Matthews not-so-politely obliges, sucking up to Hamilton (and his money). Dexter confronts Hamilton in the parking lot, but patiently explains to Hamilton the need to control his urges and be careful despite having lost the police tail.

Dexter stops to get gas and Kassner shows up, threat in hand. I’ll ruin this. Beware of that. Blah blah blah. Plenty of people have threatened Dexter, and none are still standing, so all Dexter focuses on is Kassner’s threat to Hannah.

Dexter meets Hannah at her old green house, confronting her about her recent life choices. But Hannah surprises him, telling him she’d wanted him to kill Miles but had a change of heart. She hadn’t wanted to ruin the memory of their love, the love that she knew was all she ever would want, and so she’d kept silent. After all, there’s a soul mate for everyone, including murdering psychopaths, so Dexter agrees, about the love part, but she runs away before they can seal it with a kiss. 

Deb places the tracker on Dexter’s car, nearly getting caught by Cassie. Turns out Cassie thought Dex wasn’t interested, but she still is. Deb very clearly warns her off. She clearly doesn’t like to share.

Vogel and Dexter talk out their plan for Hamilton and she impresses the importance of Dexter’s role in Hamilton’s life. He can’t raise Hamilton as he himself was raised because Hamilton has already killed. Dex is worried, but as he leaves, he is ambushed by three large men. A gift from Kassner. It comes in two colors: black and blue. But once again he’s more afraid for Hannah.

Hannah returns to Kassner on his ship, only to be confronted about her visit to Dexter. As he attempts to rape her after declaring his complete ownership of her, Dexter sneaks aboard the ship. But he’s too late, and walks in to find the evil deed already done by Hannah. Really, it seems like self-defense given the whole “You’re mine forever” speech but Dexter decides to clean up his way.

This time he takes Hannah along with him to dispose of the body. But who should be watching? Deb. Now who’s the cat and who’s the mouse? But Dexter is called to a crime scene at his apartment building before anyone can figure out what should happen next.

Dexter shows up to find Cassie dead. Dexter quickly comes to tie it to Hamilton, and he begins to question the wisdom of having two killers together – be it him and Hamilton or him and Hannah. But what he doesn’t mention is his relationship with yet another killer – Deb. Perhaps no one gets a soul mate. *Insert dark scary music here*

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