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'Real Housewives of Orange County' finale recap, 'Cold Shoulders'

The season finale kicks off with Gretchen and Slade arriving fashionably late to Vicki's Winter Wonderland Party. They act like everything is fine and dandy with the group until Slade gives a backhanded compliment to Lydia.

Soon after her entrance, Gretchen confronts Ryan about him not allowing Brooks over Vicki's place. She questions why he has any right or say as to who Vicki can or can't have over her own house.

Soon after, Lydia's pot-head mother arrives to the party. Sorry Judy, but there is no "green" at this white party.

Gretchen and Heather hash out issues about their actor world drama. According to Gretchen, Heather is making it clear that she is the actor of the group and no one should try to compete with her. Heather challenges her and Gretchen feels bad but believes that the conversation should be a little more of a two-way street.

Gretchen is constantly apologizing to Heather and thinks that Heather is always perfect and right. At end of the heated discussion the two women hug and make up and are glad they talked it out.

Vicki gives Tamra a friendship bracelet that is bigger and better than what Gretchen gave to Tamra earlier. Tamra has been dealing with all her issues and problems from her past and finally makes amends with Jim Bellino in an emotional apology. Tamra is happy she is able to be the bigger person in situations such as this.

From inside the house everyone hears Ryan yell at Lydia's mom for putting her feet up on the couch.

"I own live here," Ryan said as he threatened to kick Judy out of his mother-in-law's party. Ryan flips out and goes crazy exclaiming how she was disrespecting the house.

Did Judy fairy dust the wrong person? It seems like she is not the type of person looking for trouble or to start an argument. Lydia gathers her mom and gets ready to go when Vicki runs after them to prevent them from leaving the party. 

Ryan's inner white trash comes out when he swears at the 64 year old woman and needs to stop over-stepping his boundaries as roommate in Vicki's house. It is her house and she needs to step up and make the rules.

Vicki spins this situation back to Brooks and says that she will start seeing him again Briana promises that if he comes around then she will move out.

Late in the evening, Vicki feels inspired by Slade and confronts him on the inappropriate behavior in his recent past. She whips out her new bacon vodka in honor of her "Miss Piggy" nickname. All of a sudden everything goes out of control. The group sticks up for Vicki and attacks Slade on his derogatory remarks about women's appearances. Why crack on Vicki's looks at all? She is beautiful inside and out, but Slade doesn't get it ... he is always putting down women by his comments.

Lydia is a little ball of spitfire and lashes out again Slade and his fiance Gretchen and calls them "dirty." 

We'll have to wait until the three-part reunion to figure out the impending questions about our favorite women in Orange County.

"This year has been interesting. It's been mercurial. It's been exciting at times; incredibly upsetting at times ... but that's friendship." -- Heather Dubrow.  

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