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'Pretty Little Liars' recap, The Guilty Girl's Handbook

“You can help me by thinking about your future.”

Since the car mysteriously crashed into their house, Emily and her mom are staying in a motel. Emily reassures her mother that she can help out in any way that she possibly can, but Mrs. Fields isn’t having it. Although she works for the police department, they seem a bit apprehensive about helping her get to the bottom of the “accident."

Even the best lawyer in town can’t get Ashley out of jail. Mrs. Hastings informs the girls and Hanna that Ashley’s bail was denied. Going for the not-guilty plea, the D.A. and the State aren’t going for anything they are trying to sell to prove her innocence. Everything is fine, until Mrs. Hastings tells the girls that Ashley is being transferred to a state penitentiary.

You don’t think Hanna is going to let that happen, do you?

While Byron is out of town, Aria is looking after Mike and his new karate bag. After telling Aria that he is going to party with the team, Aria questions his motives for hanging out late and not telling her where he is going. (Of course, Mike has to remain shady in some way.)

Taking her mother’s advice, Emily decides not to worry about the house, and instead thinks about her future. After sitting down with Ezra (#EzraCares) she decides that a small school in Maryland may be the way to go. (We are all about coming to Maryland for school, just don’t bring A along with you.) 

Who knew that Emily did work in Haiti? Ezra did! Since swimming is out of the picture, Emily decides that doing more work with Habitat for Humanity is the best way to help her land a college acceptance letter, outside of the pool. (Oh hey, Emily’s Habitat for Humanity boss was played by none other than Rumer Willis).

After meeting her mother’s new legal aid, Beckett Fry, and a house full of files containing information about Detective Wilden, Spencer looks for information that could take the heat off of Ashley and put someone else in prison for murder. After finding a document that places Detective Wilden in Radley with nurse Eddie Lamb the night of Toby’s mother’s death, Spencer makes her way back to the institution, and demands answers. After talking (or threatening) Eddie, Spencer finds out that Detective Wilden mysteriously changed the incident report for Toby’s mom’s death. Spencer shares the information with her mom in hopes to prove that Wilden was as shady as he seemed, but that wasn’t enough, and still leaves Ashley behind bars.

“We all tell lies, but you’re the only one who knows how to live in it.”

Hanna gets the help from the former leader of the “A-Team” to make a big confession, which will allow her to see her mother again. Mona is back, and willing to help Hanna construct a series of lies in the form of a confession to get her mother out of jail. After finding the motive, the location and the outfit, Hanna’s confession becomes more like an actual event than a story constructed to get her time in kids prison, and her mom out of the state pen. Hanna becomes so good at the twisted lie that it almost seems as though it really happened. Wow Mona, you are good.

A worried Aria finds comfort in speaking to Kung Fu Jake about the mysterious behavior of her brother. Jake tells Aria that Mike is worried about the guys on his team who have turned on him. Aria’s night worried about her little brother turns into a movie and dinner night with Jake. Things have a weird way of working out.

Caleb the “Super Boyfriend” went to jail to speak to Ashley, and they both know something is up with Hanna.

Since he hasn’t spoken to Hanna since her mother was denied bail, Caleb decides to pay her a visit. He is surprised when he notices Mona is there, alone with Hanna and wants answers. Hanna doesn’t feel like sharing them, but he soon finds out what the two have planned, and tries to convince Hanna not to do it.

Mona makes her way to the police station, in step one of her and Hanna’s plan, she asks to speak with the police, and confesses to the murder of Detective Wilden. 

Did Mona have this planned the entire time? No one is too certain what this means for the future of A, or any of the girls.

On the bright side, the last mass text was sent out by Spencer, not A.

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