Like/Dislike with Casey Baynes, executive director, Casey Cares

The Casey Cares Foundation, a Baltimore-based charity, has served families with children battling life-threatening illnesses for more than a decade.

Casey Baynes, the Ellicott City mother of three behind the foundation, created the charity to help families going through tough times. "I wanted to fill a void left in the lives of families who had a critically ill child so they would have something to look forward to while they were going through their own heartache," said the 36-year-old founder and executive director.


Casey Cares will appear on the premiere of ABC's "Secret Millionaires" at 8 p.m. Sunday. Additionally, Casey Cares holds its 4th Annual 5K at Oriole Park at Camden Yards with ambassadors Nick and Christina Markakis on Saturday. Baynes said that this is the first year the Orioles are involved and participants will be able to run onto the field and get a photo taken at home plate. She talked to us about her singing voice, giving back and more.

Worst pet peeve? Procrastinators drive me to distraction. We at Casey Cares must approach our work with urgency because we are not guaranteed tomorrow for our families. This "need for speed" spills over into every aspect in my life.


Last concert/gig you went to? Dave Matthews Band at 1st Mariner Arena.

Your worst habit? I love to sing but have been told I can't carry a tune in a bag!!! I should save it for the shower.

Last movie you liked? "Lincoln." I love history and read everything I can about the presidents.

TV show(s) you can't get enough of? I've got three extremely active, athletic kids. These "Baltimore proud" children only allow Oriole games on our TVs.  Next month we start dueling TV getting ready for Ravens season.  Go Birds!

Favorite and most loathed fashion statement? I prefer tailored, understated clothing, whether it be dress or casual. I've never been a fan of the '80s puffy sleeve.

Last great meal you had? I tend to define a good meal by the people sitting at the table rather than the food on the plate. With that in mind, I have had some fabulous meals lately with wonderful friends and family.

Favorite place to get a drink in Baltimore? Baltimoreans are so lucky. We have wonderful microbreweries, neighborhood pubs, restaurants and sports bars. And truly I have enjoyed a beverage in many of them!  But if I had to pick a favorite place, it would be enjoying a glass of wine with my husband in our own home. I know: boring!

Best advice you ever got? Don't ask of others what you haven't done yourself or wouldn't do.


What you're looking forward to most at the 5K? Seeing active, caring people combine a day of fitness and fun with heartfelt generosity for the deserving children of Casey Cares.

Favorite thing about Baltimore? Orioles in the spring and summer and Ravens in the fall and winter!