'Dexter' recap, 'This Little Piggy' isn't so little anymore

Family. You can't live with them. You can't live without them. Or can you?

Deb tried that route. But she ended up saving her darling brother, and so they're left struggling to find out where that leaves them. Besides in the middle of dead bodies and killers. But in a kill-or-be-killed world, maybe it's not so bad to become a predator.

The episode opens with Dexter, Debra, and Vogel in a therapy session, trying to work through Debra's attempt at murder-suicide. Debra seeks forgiveness, but Dexter walks out on both of them. Now it's him that won’t return her calls. Hypocrite much?

There is an odd scene between Dexter and Harrison that seems out of place. Harrison wants to watch cartoons and Dexter insists on getting ready for school. But really it centers on what this episode is all about: family is a lot of things, but at the end of the day, they're still family. Each one is different. Mine argues over where to go for dinner, but some clearly argue over murder. It doesn't lessen how much love a family has for its members.

At work, Miami Metro finally goes after Yates, after the account of the stabbing victim Dexter saved. The homicide unit also finally pursues Norma Rivera's case, the woman found murdered in her home last episode.

Rivera was reportedly having an affair with her boss, Hamilton, so the detectives look in that direction. But Captain Matthews asks Quinn to overlook Hamilton's indiscretions as he is a friend.

Later, witnesses who placed Hamilton's son at the scene of the crime recant their testimony. We know of Mathews' sordid past -- but could he have gone so far as to tamper with witnesses?

At her home, Vogel puts on some jolly music to open her mail to, only to have Yates break in and kidnap her. Cliche much? Who puts on music just to open mail? I may be overly suspicious of Vogel, but that's because she constantly does suspicious things!

Meanwhile, Miami Metro found three bodies in Yates' backyard. Deb interrupts to get Dexter to help recover Vogel. Dexter chooses that moment to push Debra for the answer to why she saved his life. Her response was simple: "I couldn't imagine my life without you in it."

Although tense, Dexter agrees to let Deb help him save Vogel. And this is the core of family. We mess up. We fight. But we're still family.

Speaking of family, Masuka spends some quality time with his newly found daughter. But he doubts that her motives are altruistic, so Masuka hires Deb to check out/stalk his daughter. Debra suggests that maybe it's enough just to have family (clearly nearly drowning has been quite good for her attitude -- not that I'd suggest it for anyone else).

Dexter, on the hunt for Yates, makes a pit stop at his house to find Cassie, Jamie, and Quinn waiting. Surprise double date? Otherwise known as entrapment. Dexter can't leave without pissing off Jamie, but he snags Cassie into helping him escape. Can you say potential? Cause this girl's got it.

As Deb and Dexter search, Vogel isn't idly waiting. She takes the apology route first, stating that she only suggested brain surgery to save him from his brain tumors. Next up, she focuses on his mother, deflecting his anger onto the memory of her. She reminds him that his obsession with shoes comes from when he would watch his mother's shoes walking by while he was hiding under the bed after being beaten by her.

But third time's the charm as Vogel flips out, adopting the persona of his mother, smacking him around until he leaves her alone. Who knew showing some backbone was the way to treat serial killers?

She calls Dexter from a cell phone and leaves the line open. Deb calls Elway to get him to trace the number. He comes through, and off they race. I only mention this because Elway is always ready to help Deb at the drop of a hat. His crush isn't so secret, but for a detective, it's sad that Deb hasn't picked up on it.

Deb and Dexter enter the house but find only blood trails. Upstairs, they find Vogel in the closet. And guess where Yates is hiding? Under the bed.

Dexter uses Deb's feet as bait (apparently her All-Star Chucks are as appealing as his earlier victim's shiny high heels. For a guy particular about his feet, that says a lot. Guess there's no need to kill my feet on my next date if Converses are just as appealing to the opposite sex. Who knew I'd get dating tips from a serial killer?).

Dexter spears Yates with a curtain rod through the bed. I'm not sure how possible this actually is, but I was impressed. I'm also slightly afraid of sleeping under my window now.

Deb takes it rather well, even laughingly joking, "the family that kills together" stays together. Dexter cleans up and sets about his usual disposal ritual, with Debra and Vogel right beside him. It's not the same as before, and it's not the family he expected, but maybe it just might be better.

After all, this little piggy is really the big bad wolf. And he'll huff and puff (and kill) to protect his family (and their feet).

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