'Pretty Little Liars' recap, 'Crash and Burn, Girl!'

“The brew can’t deliver the one thing that Hanna wants … her mom.”

Poor Hanna. After being framed by “A” for the murder of Detective Wilden, Ashley is looking at years in prison and Hanna and the girls are trying to get her out. Finally putting all of the events from the college visit aside, Spencer, Emily and Aria support Hanna the best way they can — by trying to take A down.

Not before the Hardy Boys! We have been introduced to the bromance between Caleb and Toby, and it is probably our next favorite pair to date. After piecing together the information from the police station and the trail of clues “A” has left behind, “Taleb” (of course we had to give them a ship name) decides it is time to figure out just who flew the plane the night of the cabin fire, and who can go to jail in place of Hanna’s mom.

Emily’s relationship with Spencer is healing, Emily’s relationship with her shoulder isn’t. After figuring out a new method of therapy for Emily, Mrs. Fields decides it is time for her to focus on her healing and not on her best friend’s mother, and her murder trial. (Way to put things into perspective.) Agreeing to the treatment, Emily meets her mom at the police station, and notices the key the Wilden’s apartment. Of course she takes the key and ditches the appointment.

Could this be real, or is it a set up? Are Aria and Mike actually getting their old sibling relationship back? Aria is confronted by Principal Hackett about the incident involving creepy Connor’s car, naming her brother as public enemy No. 1. (Two “A” set ups at one time.) After speaking with her father they decide to dispute the charges that Connor and his father are trying to press. After speaking with Ezra Fitz Principal Hackett decides to drop Mike’s name from the entire matter, and let the situation smooth itself out.

Ezra with the save! Aria with the failed attempt to place a letter under his apartment door without running into him! (Is this a sign of them possibly working things out?)

Caleb and Toby track down the plane that was in the area the night of the cabin fire. The boys go to the private airport and pay (hottie) Nigel the airport attendant a visit. Upon the first visit N.W. informs them that the plane was taken to Delaware, and in the mist of the fog had to make an “emergency” landing.

Sensing that N.W. (no the initials don’t stand for North West…more like Nigel Wright) was putting on his best cover up story, the boys double back to the airport after they notice his initials on the lighter Toby took from the fire that night. Nigel tells the boys that it was “CC Drake” who told him to fly the plane and that he knew nothing about the fire. Somehow Nigel flees the scene, knocking over both of Rosewoods toughest guys, leaving them with more than a few unanswered questions. Did we fail to mention Nigel’s connection to Jenna’s glasses and cane?

“What do I want to watch tonight? Jimmy Kimmel or Boobs?” Thank you Aria for that peak inside of Detective Wilden’s mind.

It’s time to take matters into their own hands, or into lovely sets of gardening gloves. Emily, Spencer and Aria go into Wilden’s apartment to see what they can find to link anyone else to his murder. After stepping over a few pairs of socks, and adult movies, the girls notice a meat box. Unfortunately after opening the box and being introduced to the foul odor, they uncover a note from “A” in regards to a BBQ, but which one?

Hanna learns what her mom wants to wear to her arraignment, and how much time she is possibly facing, Emily learns that her mom has been put on unpaid suspension for the missing key to Wilden’s apartment that is still in her possession.   Just when Emily thought all was clear to sneak the key back into her mother’s possession, someone crashes a car into her living room. Barley missing her mother in the incident! Poor Emily, why are you such an easy target?

What is the purpose for the car in the living room, “A”?

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