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Midweek Madness suggests theme song for Anthony Weiner campaign

Poor Anthony Weiner. Just when he thinks the coast is clear, along comes another, um, flash. He  needs a lift, surely.

Midweek Madness, which would normally avoid anything political, feels compelled to come to the rescue with the suggestion for a catchy campaign song. It not only carries a confidence-building message ("I figure whenever you're down and out the only way is up"), but also perfectly captures Weiner's determination, chutzpah and deep-seated need to be looked at, all over.

Here to perform it is the divine Judy Garland. Note, especially, the lines about midway through. Weiner would be so convincing singing them:

"From trouble I'll simply stay aloof, and just in case you think I'll goof, hey, take a gander. Look at this chick [the candidate isn't a 'chick,' of course, but could probably think of another word that would retain the rhyme], listen to me: I've been through thin and thick. But don't get depressed if you hear that I've been in a row, because if there's a way to get out of it, I'll always find out how."

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