Q&A; with Georganne Hale, Maryland Jockey Club director of racing/racing secretary

What was the hardest lesson you've learned so far?

"That you've got to educate the public on the realities of horse racing. They only hear about the negatives -- breakdowns and drugs -- and think that we mistreat the horses. That simply is not true."


What's a fact about yourself that will surprise people?

"I could go work in the barns tomorrow and do pretty much any job. I could clean a stall or hot-walk a horse. I know the sport at every level."


What do you do to relax?

"Gardening, going to the beach, going to casinos."

Your (other) dream job would be ...

"I've always thought it would be exciting to be a private investigator."

What's on your playlist?

"Old-school all the way. I don't know anything about current music. 'I Will Survive' or 'Last Dance.'"

What is your favorite book?

"'Seabiscuit.' He's my favorite horse. Look at his chart. He ran every four days."


What's your favorite vacation destination?

"Turks and Caicos Islands."