Artscape 2013 gets a kosher option

Artscape has a kosher option this year.

Allot Fresh Cuisine will be at the annual arts festival on Friday and Sunday with a selection of Mediterranean salads like quinoa with pistachios and micro arugula, blanched rapini with roasted garlic, roasted red pepper fillets with grilled eggplant slices and a lentil salad with roasted tomatoes.

"We don't depend on kosher customers," said Allot’s Steve Lebowitz. "We’re also providing really healthy food for everybody." Most of Allot's offerings at Artscape are vegan and gluten-free as well as being kosher.

“I see all kinds of observant Jews at Artscape," Lebowitz said. "They always have had to brown-bag it."

Lebowitz, a Democratic activist and Daily Kos blogger, started Allot as the in-house caterers for Annapolis' Knesseth Israel congregation. Allot has been doing outside catering for more than a year.

Lebowitz said he approached Artscape’s food-service provider, Charm City Hospitality, just a few months ago with the idea of Allot's joining this year’s festival. “They’ve bent over backward to make it happen,” Lebowitz said.

Allot Fresh Cuisine will be in the main food court on Mount Royal Avenue, near the Fitzgerald building.  




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