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'Pretty Little Liars' recap: 'Under the Gun'

"You don't need a lawyer to tell me if you want a cup of coffee."

Hanna finds herself alone in the interrogation room with Lieutenant Tanner. Facing up to 7 years for possible charges ranging from obstruction to the actual murder of Detective Wilden, Hanna remains mum about everything ... even when her parents come to pick her up from the police station.

If dealing with one friend who was arrested during the college visit weekend, and another friend who decided it wasn't the right university for either of them wasn't enough, Emily's biggest rival makes her debut on the swim team.

Shawna shares with Emily that she will be attending Rosewood High, and swimming on the team (hoping to land a scholarship), but we are sure there are other reasons for her mid-semester transfer. (Don't be sneaky Shawna; we want to know what Jenna actually told you).

With one girl under constant parental supervision and two not speaking, Aria decides it is time for the girls to meet and figure out how A managed to set Hanna up, and how to keep the heat off of Hanna before she ends up in jail for seven years. Spencer takes the time to apologize to Emily for "bulldozing" their friendship. As soon as she gains one friend back, she loses her and an additional one.

Aria meets one of Mike's friends, who needed help with his English homework, and his new job at the coffee shop.

"More Mona more problems" is right. Surprise! Mona makes her unconventional comeback. She reveals to the girls (and Spencer) that she has been searching for the missing RV that Toby managed to give to A. Secrets out! Spencer knew. *cue two more apologies from Spencer*

No school, no phone, not internet, more A. Hanna receives a text from A saying that if she talks, both of her parents will go down. While awaiting the results from the ballistics test, and the DA's word on whether or not she can go back to school, Hanna and her mom come clean to her father about everything  (except A).

Meanwhile, Caleb tries to visit and is turned away, but Emily is allowed in (homework is okay). Emily convinces Hanna to give her the dash cam footage from the night her mother hit Detective Wilden with the car. After a fight, Hanna gives in.

After an awkward night with of studying with Conner that ends with a one-sided kiss (Aria was not about it) Aria goes back to school, and back into the rumor mill. Aria confronts Conner about the rumor of the two hooking up.

Conner confronts Aria about her "relationship with Mr. Fitz." To her surprise, Mr. Fitz is in the locker room to save the day, but Aria doesn't want to hear it. After realizing what happened to his sister was wrong, Mike assures her that everything will be taken care of. (He is still scary).

Emily doesn't want to hear Spencer's excuses for why she isn't sharing information about the missing RV.

Emily finds a way to make it to the police station and put the dash cam video on Lieutenant Tanner's desk, everything is okay ... right?

Spencer and Toby take a trip to find Mrs. Grenwald (the mysterious sorority den mother.) The trip turns dark when they end up in a town with no street signs and falling birds. Hello Ravenswood.

They come across a woman who looks like Grenwald, but the woman informs her that she doesn't know what she is talking about, and that she should leave. Spencer takes the hint, but not before she makes her way to a creepy grave site with the rest of the town ... and Shawna.

Sidebar: The 10 minutes they spent in Ravenswood really made me excited for the show's premiere in the fall.

During open mic night at the coffee shop, Hanna is still absent, Emily is still mad, Aria shows up for moral support, Spencer tells the girls about her trip to "creepyvillie"  and Shawna is there with her violin. Why? Did we forget Lieutenant Tanner was there to take Emily to the police station to "talk."

Emily goes to the station, and sees the video. Not the dash cam video but the one with the image of her standing next to the Rosewood sign holding a sign that says "Guilty." (Anyone catch the glare on the face? Yup A is walking around with the Emily mask).

Who wrote liar on Conner's car, and smashed it to pieces?

And why does Ashley "have the right to remain silent." It looks like everyone is falling into A's trap.

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