Great Baltimore cocktails, Strawberry Shortcake Crush at Alexander's Tavern

Alexander's Tavern in Fells Point has some primo outdoor seating alongside the Broadway market, a great spot to enjoy an icy cold beverage of any variety.

While maybe a Bourbon served neat might not make sense when it's 100 degrees out and climbing, we're in the need for something a bit smoother — something fruity, something freshly squeezed.

Ah yes, the time-tested crush is the only thing that will do. And while you're at it, try something new and different in the form of Alexander's Strawberry Shortcake Crush.

The Strawberry Shortcake Crush consists of muddled strawberries, strawberry Stoli vodka, Disaronno Amaretto and simple syrup with a half and half finisher.

The result is very much like that of a creamsicle: smooth, sweet, flavorful and, best of all, alcoholic. So really, it should be called "The Muddled Strawberry Creamsicle ... Drink," but that just doesn't have as nice a ring to it.

At any rate, if you're not too into the sweetness it's easy to ask your cocktail technician to dial back on the simple syrup, making it a little less toothachey. While not technically a "crush" like so many of those freshly squeezed drinks at bars across America (which Alexander's also has an extensive list of), the Strawberry Shortcake Crush makes for a creative approach to the formula and comes out with something a bit new and different, a nice dessert cocktail or Happy Hour sipper alike.

Bartender Matt Fiehrer succinctly noted, "It's pretty much perfect on a hot summer day." And I'd have to agree. Although wasn't it legendary newsman Ron Burgundy who put it best when he said "MILK WAS A BAD CHOICE" on a hot summer day? Probably because he wasn't drinking alcoholic Strawberry Shortcake Crushes.

Get on it, Burgundy.

How to make the Strawberry Shortcake Crush

1 1/2 oz. Stoli strawberry vodka

1/2 oz. Disaronno Amaretto

Small handful of strawberries

Simple syrup

Half and half

Muddle the strawberries in a glass and add ice. Pour Stoli and Amaretto, stir, add simple syrup and cream to desired thickness and sweetness, stir.

Where to get the Strawberry Shortcake Crush

Alexander's Tavern

710 S. Broadway, Fells Point



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