Mario releases 'Somebody Else' video featuring Nicki Minaj

[Note: Video contains explicit language.]

Mario, the R&B; singer from Baltimore, hasn't released an album since 2009's "D.N.A." It was the 26-year-old singer's fourth album and featured the underrated hit "Break Up." "D.N.A." was also the worst-selling album of his career.

Since then, Mario has dealt with personal drama, a shifting genre and a flat, non-starter of a single (2011's "The Walls").

Now, he's plotting a comeback -- or, more accurately, trying to find his place in the current-day R&B; scene. He's taking a step forward with his latest single, "Somebody Else." The why-did-you-leave-me track was produced by Polow Da Don and features a fittingly serious Nicki Minaj guest verse. Watch the video above (contains explicit language).

The song comes from "Restoration," Mario's years-in-the-making fifth album. In May, Mario told 92Q that "Restoration" will be released in September, and the next single will likely be "Fatal Distraction." That song features J. Cole, whose "Born Sinner" album reached No. 1 on the Billboard 200 this week. If this comeback is for real, Mario seems to be recruiting the right players for the moment.

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