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Morning Edition in Butchers Hill to close

Sunday, July 7, is the 30th anniversary for Morning Edition Cafe in Butchers Hill. It's also its last day.

After three decades, Brian Beaven is closing up his Vermont-style cafe, where the specialty was always breakfast, even in the early years when it was also served dinner.

When it opened in 1983, Morning Edition was one of the city's first restaurants to specialize in brunch, and few Baltimoreans back then were familiar with the Butchers Hill neighborhood, much less thought of it as a dining destination.

The cafe was a charmer. The food, especially in the early days, had a gourmet flourish - one of the early favorites were scallops-stuffed croissants. But Morning Edition’s appeal was rooted in the kind of nut-bread wholesomeness that made the "Moosewood Cookbook" a touchstone for a generation of new home cooks.

Beaven said he had started planning a few years ago to close Morning Edition when it turned 30. A former schoolteacher, Beaven co-founded the cafe with Tom Looney, who went on to open Helen's Garden and now co-owns the Gypsy Queen food trucks.

Beaven said he wasn't publicizing the last day. But he was prepared for a good showing from the regular crowd, who learned of the closing from a sign he posted on the inside of the cafe's front door.

"Good Bye Folks - the Morning Edition will be permanently retiring on Sunday, July 7th - our 30th Anniversary," it said. "To all of our patrons and friends ... all two of you, as the ‘Car Talk Boyz’ would say, many thanks for three decades of memories."


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