Baltimore rapper Test, signed to Future's Freebandz, drops 'Green Light'

Late last winter, Baltimore rapper Test (formerly known as TestMe) signed a deal with Future's FreeBandz Entertainment. Yesterday, he released his first project of original material as a FreeBandz member: "Green Light," which you can download for free here (contains explicit language). (Test released "Jackin 4 Beats" with DJ Big L late last year, but it was him rhyming over already-popular tracks.)

Test appeared on the popular FreeBandz compilation mixtape, "F.B.G.: The Movie," from January. Like that tape, "Green Light" includes "Gotta See It," which features Future and Baltimore's Sisqo on it. More similarities, such as collaborations with Rocko and Mexico Ran, also appear.

There's a strong argument to be made that aligning yourself with Future, the Atlanta rapper who has come to dominate charts and heavily influence many recent rap and R&B; trends, is the savviest move a rapper could make at this moment. In my opinion, only Drake could challenge Future in terms of overall influence on the game right now, and even that argument is flimsy (Future is prolific while Drake is not).

This is a major opportunity for Test, and it will be interesting to see where he goes from here (as signing with the hottest act in hip-hop has never guaranteed success for any aspiring artist).

Here are two relevant YouTube clips: A quick trailer — which has explicit language in it, FYI — for "Green Light," which has a memorable Future-referencing quote ("An astronaut to me don't never turn down"). And then there's this FreeBandz-produced clip that shows Future announcing Test's signing at Dubai late last year. (That video has some explicit language in it, too.)

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