Natty Boh to issue commemorative 'Scunny' can

Special edition National Bohemian cans have commemorated the Ravens and the Orioles, but never, in anyone's memory, has a Natty Boh can honored an individual.

That was before Scunny.

On Wednesday, National Bohemian, now owned by the Pabst Brewing Co., will issue a limited edition commemorative can honoring Patrick “Scunny” McCusker, whose death last August elicited a widespread outpouring of admiration for his philanthropic efforts and ebullient personality.

A fan of all things Baltimore, McCusker's funeral procession was led by a truck emblazoned with the Mr. Boh logo. Like many Baltimoreans, McKusker’s affection for Natty Boh endured long after the beer was locally owned or brewed.

In 2011, McCusker was among the first to welcome Natty Boh in draft form back to Baltimore after a long absence.

“Even though it's not made here and it's not owned by National Bohemian, it's such a big part of this community and its heritage,” McCusker told the Baltimore Sun. “I can't imagine a bar in Baltimore that wouldn't have it.”

The “Scunny” can will be available for sale at the two restaurants he owned, Nacho Mama's and Mama's on the Half Shell, starting on Wednesday, according to Maryanne Davis of Believe in Tomorrow Children's Foundation, McCusker’s longtime favorite charity, which will receive a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the commemorative cans.

Davis joined McCusker's widow, Jackie McCusker, on Friday in Nacho Mama's office, when a prototype of the “Scunny” can was brought to the restaurant for her blessing.

The black-and-white “Scunny” can depicts the Baltimore skyline and the Calvert coat of arms and includes a printed tribute to McCusker with the title “Oh Boy What A Guy!” - a takeoff on Natty Boh's long-running “Oh, What a Beer” slogan.

The tribute reads in full, “The sign of a great state is the quality of its people, and Maryland has had few finer than Patrick “Scunny” McCusker. Scunny was known for his commitment to the Baltimore community and his charitable work with children. Natty Boh wants to honor “the man with a million friends” by donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this can to his favorite charity, Believe In Tomorrow. So hoist a Natty Boh and celebrate the life of one of Baltimore’s favorite sons. Thank you Scunny for everything you have done. You will be truly missed. To find out more about Scunny’s favorite charity go to”

“It's quite a testament to Scunny,” Davis said.


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