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Oprah executive producing film adaptation of 'The Other Wes Moore'

"The Other Wes Moore," a book written by Baltimore native Wes Moore, is currently being developed into a feature film, with Oprah Winfrey attached as executive producer, and a script penned by John Ridley (writer of "Three Kings" and "Red Tails"), according to Moore.

Although Moore won't be heavily involved in the film's production, he has one request — that the film be shot in Baltimore.

"They could easily do this in another country," he said, "in a place where film production is cheap, like Toronto." But filming it in Baltimore is more truthful, he said, and he wants the opportunity to bring business to his hometown.

Published in 2010, the book was about the ways in which people's paths can diverge, despite beginning in the same spot. It told the story of two men named Wes Moore. One is the author, a graduate of Johns Hopkins University, a Rhodes Scholar, and a veteran Army officer, who once was special assistant to Condoleeza Rice. The "other" Wes Moore was convicted of murdering an off-duty security guard on February 7, 2000, and has been serving a life sentence without parole. The two Moores were both born in the Baltimore area and raised in the urban inner city; their fathers both died when they were young; they both were raised by single mothers.

No release date for the film has been set. When asked if he'd thought about which actor he'd like to play himself, Moore smiled.

"I'd love to get some unknown actor," he said. "Someone, maybe from Baltimore, who's looking for his big break."

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