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Wasner and Ehrens' Dungeonesse releases first single, 'Drive You Crazy'

When I spoke with Wye Oak's Jenn Wasner earlier this year, we spent most of the time talking about her solo project, the excellent Flock of Dimes. But later in the interview, Wasner noticeably perked up when asked about a pop collaboration with White Life's Jon Ehrens.

"It's some of the best stuff we've ever done," Wasner said. "It's happening more slowly than both of us would like. He's a super talented songwriter. I shine in the pop spectrum more than I was expecting."

The duo calls themselves Dungeonesse, and the first single and video was released today, and it backs up Wasner's claims in an impressive way. "Drive You Crazy" is a skittering dance track that should have no problem getting people out of their seats. The production has a lot going on (busy drums, quick synth stabs), but it never suffocates Wasner, whose voice floats above it all. It's an exuberant track that leaves you wondering, "Is it Friday, yet?"

Watch the video — which was filmed at the Nudashank Gallery in Baltimore and directed by Matthew Yake — above.

The "Drive You Crazy" b/w "Private Party" 12-inch single will be released on Dec. 11 via Secretly Canadian.

First spotted at The Fader.



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