Good look at Baltimore-made 'House of Cards' [video]

Netflix today released a stylish trailer for "House of Cards," the Baltimore-made political thriller starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright.

The opening suggests that screenwriter Beau Willimon has successfully re-imagined the tricky form of address featured in the BBC original with the lead character talking directly to the audience at key moments.

Spacey nails the technique and it seems perfectly apt for American politics in this trailer.

Check it out.

I love the answer given when one character asks what will happen if he doesn't play ball: "Then we'll cleave you from the herd and watch you die in the wilderness."

This is the world of politics and media that I know. I love the glimpses of it this trailer offers.

And, yes, that is the Baltimore Sun newsroom that serves as home to the character played by Kate Mara. Yes, too, to the crowd scene taking place at the Centre Street entrance of the Peabody.

Sex, intrigue, treachery, betrayal and "scoops" planted by manipulative, conniving politicians. I can't wait.



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