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Pat Moran wins Artio Award for casting on HBO's 'Game Change'

Baltimore's Pat Moran won an Artio Award from the Casting Society of America for her work on HBO's "Game Change," the locally-produced film about the 2008 presidential election.

The awards, which are considered the most prestigious in the casting industry, were announced earlier this week in Los Angeles by the C.S.A.

The "Game Change" award marks the third time Moran has been honored by her peers. She also won Artios for casting on "The Wire" series in 2003 and the made-for-TV movie "Something the Lord Made" in 2004. Both were also HBO productions.

Moran also won an Emmy in September for her work on "Game Change."

"I guess when it rains it pours," the veteran producer and casting director said Wednesday, stressing that she meant it in a good way.

Moran was in Baltimore worried about getting her home, which was built in 1842, through Hurricane Sandy and did not attend the awards dinner. She found out from one of her colleagues in a morning-after phone call.

"Honest, I was so busy with the storm, I wasn't thinking about the awards," she said.

"But 'Game Change' was like a perfect storm in casting all the way through. Of course, it doesn't hurt when you start with Julianne [Moore], Woody [Harrelson] and Ed [Harris]," she added referring to the actors who played three of the four lead roles in the docudrama about the GOP campaign of John McCain and Sarah Palin.


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