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'The Real Housewives of Miami' recap, The Karent/Rodolfo/Ana love triangle

There’s a three’s company theme on "The Real Housewives of Miami" this season.

The love triangle between Karent, Rodolfo and Ana is heating up. And not even a romantic couple’s massage can ease the tension.

Ana claims that Rodolfo has contacted her on multiple occasions.But Karent refuses to listen. She puts it all on Ana, saying that she is just one of the many women who are fans. Somehow, Adriana has gotten herself in the middle of the situation and doesn’t know who to believe.

What’s more ridiculous than fighting over an unpopular telenovela star? Finding out Karent has a publicist. May I remind you Karent is a dentist? She claims to publicize her dentistry by walking the red carpet.  Personally, I’ve never associated cavities with movie premieres, but that’s just me.

Model Joanna is also trying to survive a three’s company situation. She is sharing a condo with boyfriend Roman and her sister, Marta.  But they can’t seem to make their three’s company situation work. The bickering between Marta and Roman is relentless, and models don’t make the best referees.

Lisa invites Marta to stay with her so Roman and Joanna can work on their relationship without the drama. Joanna wants Roman to commit to getting married. But she feels like something’s not right, and after five years she wants him to choose — break up or make it official.

Adriana and Lisa went yacht shopping, naturally.  That’s how we all spend our afternoons — right? After the shopping trip Lisa and Adriana talked about children.  Lisa is ready for kids—three to be exact and admits she has been struggling to get pregnant.

But Adriana’s not even ready for marriage, let alone kids. She doesn’t believe in the fairytale marriage. When Adriana visits Marysol’s mother, Elsa, Adriana shares that her last marriage failed because her husband was cheating on her and fears she is unworthy of a real relationship.

Elsa’s advice? To put her head in the pillow full of money. I’m not sure what that means either. But the advice doesn’t stop there.

To cleanse Marysol from the supposed black cloud surrounding her, Elsa throws rice and sprays perfume around Marysol’s office.  Apparently rice is a sign of prosperity.

Elsa better start throwing the rice all over Miami, because it looks like there are more black clouds on the horizon.

Next week’s preview shows drama between Joanna and Roman, Ana and Karent, Karent and Rodolfo, Adriana and Joanna, then Karent, Marysol and Joanna. I think that’s it. Are there even any combinations of women left?

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