WBAL radio picks Washington talk show host to replace Durian

Bryan Nehman, co-host of the "Brian and Bryan Show" on Washington's WMAL radio, has been hired by Baltimore's WBAL to replace Dave Durian during morning drive time.

Nehman previously anchored morning news on the politically conservative talk and news station in the nation's capital from 2001 to 2011. He's been at the station 12 years.

He started as a street reporter, and "was put in the news anchor chair right after 9/11," Nehman said Thursday.

"Bryan is one of the brightest young men that I've met, and he is the guy who's going to lead WBAL into the next 20 years of broadcasting," Dave Hill, program director at the station said.

Nehman said the chance to anchor the morning news on a station known for its commitment to news and information was one of several factors involved in him leaving the larger market of Washington for the Baltimore job.

"Number one, it's a great station, and I love the fact that they're local, local, local," he said. "It's very hard to find that in radio these days. Almost everywhere you go, it's syndicated in radio. The company [Hearst] is fantastic from everything I heard. And then, there's the city. I'm a Maryland boy through and through."

Nehman and his wife, who works in Baltimore and is expected to give birth to their third child today, live in Anne Arundel County. Nehman was on his way to the hospital as the announcement of his new job was being made by WBAL.

"I grew up in Anne Arundel County. I went to the University of Maryland, and we still live in Anne Arundel County, so this is a natural fit for me."

Nehman is expected to start Oct. 15, though Hill cautioned that the date is not fixed. WBAL has the luxury of having Durian, who is retiring, on hand to do specials and assignments for the station.



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