THB, Banditos, Wayward and more confirmed for Cosmic Cocktail!

Stillwater Artisanal and Lower Dens collaborate on a beer

The two worlds of Midnight Sun revolve around alcohol/nightlife and music, but rarely do the two subjects coalesce this cleanly: Local brew-hero Brian Strumke's Stillwater Artisanal and Baltimore indie-rock band Lower Dens have collaborated for the first "Stillwater Sensory Series."

The impending result is a new beer inspired by "In the End is the Beginning," a song from Lower Dens' "Nootropics," released earlier this year.

The collaboration does not end with the beer, though. On the bottle will be a QR code that, when accessed online, will lead to a performance of the song.

In the press release announcing the beer, lead singer Jana Hunter sums up why the band agreed to participate: "[Strumke] took something we spent a lot of time on and put a lot of thought and ourselves into, and he offered the same."

For the beer fans, Strumke describes the beer in a way only he (and those of his ilk) can: "Light in body and color intermingled with aspects of dark fruits and a floral earthy spiciness, gently accented with a hint of smoke."

The beer will come in individual 375ml bottles and kegs, and will reach 35 states via Brooklyn, N.Y.'s Twelve Percent Imports. The beer will be released in November, according to the Stillwater Sensory Series website.

In an email to Midnight Sun, Strumke confirmed Of Love and Regret, his brick-and-mortar bar/restaurant in Canton, will serve and sell the beer. There are plans for a launch party as well.

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