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Raise your glass: Slyce Julep, Home Slyce

Home Slyce isn't a cocktail bar by any stretch of the imagination. It focuses mostly on inexpensive and tasty food, decent beer and a relaxing atmosphere for local residents and visitors alike. (And presumably will do the same at its second location, opening at 336 N. Charles St. in the next few weeks.)

But sometimes a bartender, whether through boredom or inspiration, comes up with something interesting to add to the mix in the absence of a cocktail list.

Cue Ricardo Vargas and his Slyce Julep, a drop-dead simple idea combining two remarkably similar drinks — the mint julep and the mojito — to create something new. The julep's Maker's Mark bourbon substituting for the mojito's white rum adds the ABV, while the remaining ingredients from both drinks — mint, lime, simple syrup and soda — come together to create a strong, sweet and tasteful beverage. If you're not into sweetness, you're in luck; Vargas said "to balance the sweetness, I just add more bourbon instead of simple syrup." That's quite a stiff drink.

So if you're a fan of combination cocktails, the Slyce Julep might just be the thing for you. Pair it with a hookah (comes with free hummus, too) and outdoor seating, and you've got a pretty decent way to spend an evening before we're all forced to acknowledge that summer is finally over. But, hey: Fall cocktails are pretty great, too.

How to make the Slyce Julep

2 oz. Maker's Mark bourbon

1 oz. lime juice

1/2 oz. simple syrup

Chopped mint

Sliced lime

Soda water

Muddle mint, add sliced lime and crush. Add lime juice, simple syrup and bourbon, mix, fill with soda water to top.

Where to get the Slyce Julep

Home Slyce

1741 Light St., Riverside



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