Craft brewer 16 Mile Brewery launches six-packs in Baltimore

Craft brewer 16 Mile Brewing Company has launched six packs in Baltimore.

The Georgetown, Del.-based brewer, now three years old, stopped producing its signature 22-ounce aluminum bottles and shifted to six packs last fall. 

Southern Maryland was first to receive the six packs, said company spokesman Claus Hagelman.

And earlier this month, liquor stores and bars in the Baltimore area started getting theirs. The six packs will available at 30 stores in the region, including Annapolis, and about 20 bars, with plans to reach more in the future, Hagelman said.

The shift to six packs is a big one for 16 Mile, which had built a reputation on its idiosyncratic 22-ounce bottles.

But that's just it, Hagelman said. The bottles were perhaps too precious, and were often skipped by customers.

"Six packs are the format of choice for craft beer drinkers," he said. The tall bottles were a good way to introduce the young brand to customers and build loyalty.

The new formats are part of the brewer's plans to aggressively expand in the coming years. While it has an annual production of 2,000 barrels, Hagelman says they want to grow to 25,000 barrels some time in the five to seven years.

16 Miles' beers - 6 lines, including Amber Sun Ale and new one, Responders Ale - will be available in kegs and six packs. No official release parties or events have been scheduled yet.

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